‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ Ending Explained: Did All the Three Women Get Justice After the Second Trial?

‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ Ending Explained: Did All the Three Women Get Justice After the Second Trial?

The latest from David E.Kelley is a twisted tale of corruption, and sexual violence. Although the narrative was arresting, the ending left many questions answered. We hope to shed some light on the events that transpired in the courtroom thriller and explain the ending of Anatomy of a Scandal.

James Whitehouse accused of rape

James Whitehouse, a British parliamentary minister, is accused of rape. His former lover, Olivia Lytton brought forward the allegations which he denied. This causes his wife, Sophie to grow suspicious of him. In the past, he was part of the notorious, Libertine Club in Oxford. When a murder takes place on the campus, James asks his then-girlfriend Sophie to vouch for him. He and the current MP of the conservative party remove all evidence of murder. Meanwhile, Holly Berry, their colleague, leaves Oxford abruptly.

At trial, they meet Kate Woodcraft. The couple suspect she’s Holly. It is later revealed that Kate Woodcraft is indeed Holly and is going by a different name now. Furthermore, we learn she left Oxford because James raped her on the night of the murder. 

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The jury acquits James of his crimes

Kate loses the case against James as the court finds him innocent. But Sophie isn’t convinced. After a conversation with James in the elevator, she realizes her husband’s terrible nature. James and Tom both had a hand in the Oxford murder, and James had a history of sexually violating women. Soon after, she approaches Kate to give her incriminating evidence against her husband to put him in jail. Armed with new evidence and a stronger case, Tom and James are yet again called to stand before the judge for allegations of murder. 

Anatomy of a Scandal Open ending explained: Did all three women get justice?

Anatomy of a Scandal didn’t show the verdict at the ending, but we can have our own explanations for that. When Sophie says goodbye to Kate, she wishes her Merry Christmas, suggesting a new verdict will arrive around that time. We can assume both James and Tom were found guilty. Kate and Olivia finally avenged James. And lastly, Sophie is free from her manipulative husband.

Did finish streaming the Netflix show yet? How did you like the ending?

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