Ana de Armas Shares Her “Terrifying” Experience of Playing Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’

Ana de Armas Shares Her “Terrifying” Experience of Playing Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’

An emblem of the mid-20th century’s sexual revolution, Marilyn Monroe became the world’s most enduring stars of her time. Ana de Armas was seemingly the woman to pay homage to this extravagant personality in her 2022 film Blonde. And she rightfully did justice to the role that perhaps offers a graphic depiction of the pop icon’s jaw-dropping life. For all we know, it is the greatest example of Andrew Dominik’s dark, inventive artistry.

Furthermore, the long, shocking, and devastating look into the dichotomy between person and character, may have been an ‘edge of the seat and at one stretch’ experience for the viewers but it was certainly not the case for the Cuban-Spanish actress. Appearing as the very first guest of 2023 on The Tonight Show, the 34-year-old, notably, spilled beans about siphoning Marilyn Monroe in the movie.

Ana de Armas on how she recreated the character of Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

After gulping in her favorite flavor of Ice Cream, Jimmy Fallon asked her to give some insights on the set of the movie and her experience playing the pop icon. To which the Golden Globe notably replied they had to shoot the takes “a lot of times.” Moreover, she informed the host that “Andrew is very detailed and precise.” Additionally, she said it was very important for the director to nail every aspect of “these recreations.”

The No Time to Die actress further dished on how they had set two monitors and would parallelly play Monroe’s clips and her characterization of the icon. From makeup to hairdo, they did everything with sheer perfection. Notably, the experience to her was “terrifying.” Furthermore, when asked how else one can describe the movie, Armas simply answered the movie is a take on the actress’s life through her lens. It is a darker take on Monroe’s personal and professional life. In conclusion, the movie on the whole is more about Norma Jean, “the woman who was unseen this whole time.”

Have you watched the movie yet? If yes, do let us know your thoughts on it.

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If not, you can always stream it on Netflix.

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