Netflix’s Blonde Teaser Trailer Touches Upon THIS Aspect of Marilyn Monroe’s life

Netflix’s Blonde Teaser Trailer Touches Upon THIS Aspect of Marilyn Monroe’s life

Netflix is revisiting Marilyn Monroe’s story again with the film Blonde. The Hollywood sex icon had a very tortured story, which was never given quite the right treatment. Too many documentaries and biopics have tried to break down the woman that was Marilyn but failed. With Blonde, Andrew Dominik attempts to provide a raw look at the late troubled icon based on Joyce Carol Oates’ book. Netflix recently released a trailer for this film that gave viewers a never-before-seen aspect of Monroe’s life.

A bone-chilling trailer featuring Ana de Armas gives you a peek into Marilyn’s fragile mental state

Andrew has peeled off the layers and taken off the silver wrapping to showcase the true Marilyn. Ana De Armas sits in the market room praying to someone not to abandon her. We see montages of her iconic movies and moments including The Seven Year Itch and Gentlemen Prefers Blondes.

But we also catch glimpses of her struggling with fame and the fans mobbing her. It ends on a chilling note when her makeup man says, “She’s almost here.” And we see Ana looking at the mirror and flashing that dazzling smile. Norma Jean was gone, and Marilyn had arrived.

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What was behind that iconic smile?

She wasn’t handed the Hollywood dream on a silver platter. In fact quite the opposite. The woman had a poverty-stricken childhood, an unstable mother, and was shuffled from one foster home to another. Her insecurity and a traumatic childhood haunted her even when she attained fame and wealth. Plenty of affairs, broken marriages, drug addiction, alcoholism, and abortions marked her life’s story.

She wanted to have a family, but none of her marriages lasted. Her disease, endometriosis, prevented her from carrying a full-term pregnancy. Her mental condition was so fragile that she checked herself into a psychiatric ward. Eventually, she overdosed and died in 1962, leaving plenty of broken hearts in her wake. Blonde will cover all this and more.

The film obtained an NC-17 rating. Will you watch the NC-17 version of Monroe’s story on September 23 on Netflix?

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