Ana de Armas Gets Cozy and Smoochy With Her Best Friend as She Rings in New Year

Ana de Armas Gets Cozy and Smoochy With Her Best Friend as She Rings in New Year

In the past years, Ana de Armas has been evolving into one of the best actresses in the entertainment world. Fans adore the Cuban actor for her performances such as the acclaimed mystery film Knives Out. From starring in dangerous action films to embodying the role of notorious actress Marilyn Monroe she left an impression on the audience. Not to mention, Ana’s Dani Miranda in the Netflix film The Grey Man is another badass female agent that she played after the bond girl in No Time to Die.

Throughout her journey in Hollywood, she has made it evident that she is going to be one of the strongest actresses of this generation. Well, apart from her acting there are several reasons why people love this beautiful superstar. One might certainly fall in love with her once they see her getting cozy and smoochy with her best friend as she rings in the new year. While it will also make you wonder if is it the same fierce artist who plays dangerous female assassins in movies.

Ana de Armas shares the photos of a cozy holiday with her best friend 

It seems that the James Bond starlet is completely embracing the new year with fun and love. In the latest photos shared by Ana de Armas on her Instagram, she was kissing her pooch. The stack of pictures showed that she enjoyed a wonderland holiday.

There was snow all around as she posed with her dogs in the freezing outdoors. Moreover, fans seemed to love her excitement for the beginning of 2023 as the post already racked up more than one million likes.

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Well, it’s certainly important that the Blonde star took some time off with her dogs for the holiday because the upcoming months will be quite busy for her. According to the reports, Armas is going to reunite with Chris Evans for another amazing project named Ghosted.

The plot of the movie has been kept discreet but all we know for now is that it is a romantic comedy adventure. Celebrities joining alongside Ana de Armas and Chris Evans include Tim Blake Nelson, Adrien Brody, and Amy Sedaris.

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People who haven’t watched the amazing chemistry between these two can stream Knives Out and The Grey Man on Netflix. What do you think about this cutest best friend? Tell us your views in the comment section and stay tuned for updates.

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