An AI Bot Analysis Reveals What Prince Harry Really Thinks About Since ‘Spare’

An AI Bot Analysis Reveals What Prince Harry Really Thinks About Since ‘Spare’

You can take Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out of the Palace, but you can’t take the palace out of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Or more specifically, their latest business projects. Tired of the media constantly having their claws out for them, the couple decided to step down from their duties senior royal duties. But what followed is more scrutiny as the couple decided to narrate their own tale. Fans were shaken by the height of allegations in the docuseries. However, nothing could prepare them for the Duke of Sussex’s long-awaited memoir held.

Prince Harry has laid bare his plight from childhood days to meeting Meghan Markle and exiting the royal family in the more than four hundred pages of his emotional memoir. And this has led to a vast variety of reactions, ranging from concerns about his mental health to accusations of trying to dethrone the monarchy. Amidst the evident tension, an AI bot has analyzed and revealed what he has truly been feeling.

After memoir, AI bot reveals how Prince Harry really feels

If British tabloids are to be believed, then Prince Harry has found himself in quite a tricky spot after the accusations in his memoir. And considering the claims of King Charles demanding an apology and his rating supposedly falling down, it can be assumed that the Duke of Sussex would be distressed. However, an AI bot’s observation has revealed that it is quite the contrary. According to Daily Star, the bot analyzed Prince Harry in several interviews he has given after dropping his bomb-shell memoir.

Instead of the panic-ridden state that the media is reporting him to be in, the bot’s analysis shows that he “mostly came across as calm 70% of the time”. Furthermore, “was confused 15% of the time,” appeared “happy 9% of the time,  surprised 7% of the time,”.

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And most importantly, Prince Harry, after demanding an apology from the Royal, has shown a remarkably low fear rating of only 6%. This shows that contrary to the narrative and assumptions being made, the Duke of Sussex is confident about the allegations made in his memoir and also in his demand for an apology from the Royal family.

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    January 30, 2023 at 11:40 am

    One doesn’t need an AI Bot to see or ascertain that The Sussex’s are safe, happy, prosperous, and free living their lives across The Pond. They’ve accomplished what was needed with the Netflix series and the memoir. The Royals can do as they must, but simply cannot dictate the RF reaction, nor thr UK public. THAT is strictly their own affair.

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