An Accolade Overdue and Well Deserved, Ozark’s Queen Consort, Laura Linney Walks the Hollywood Walk of Fame

An Accolade Overdue and Well Deserved, Ozark’s Queen Consort, Laura Linney Walks the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Oscar, Tony-nominated, and Emmy-winning actress for one of the juiciest and most chaotic characters down in Ozark, Laura Linney walked the Hollywood Walk of fame on the 25th of July in Los Angeles. Bidding a farewell to Ozark must have been tough for all of the characters but Wendy Byrde was the master manipulator throughout the entire franchise. Here’s how her character, her actions, and the ramifications that followed somehow pulled the Byrdes family out alive from the quagmire of the Cartel outshining everyone else on the set.

Laura Linney was honored by the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her work in Ozark

The Hollywood Walk of Fame had Laura Linney receiving the star this year on July 25th in Los Angeles. Show business brings together business and art in a way that surprises, delights, and also enriches us in ways that they celebrated for Laura. She received the 2727th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of television.

Born in Manhattan, New York, she was a daughter of a renowned playwright and professor. Her love of stage pulled her towards it through local theatre groups beginning at the age of just eleven. Now here she is, the face of crime thriller drama and shows in the American streaming giant for her works in the critically acclaimed network original series.

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From her massively devastating role beginning as a mob wife to being the nominal head of the Cartel, Laura’s character was a disaster. She has rightfully acclaimed global recognition not just through her work in Ozark but in The Truman Show, The Bug C, and Congo too.

Wendy Byrde sets the Ozark set on fire

Although her husband, Marty Byrde played by the director and the leading actor, Jason Bateman, was first hired to launder money for the Mexican Navarro drug Cartel, the resident housewife-turned-savage reveals herself to be the star criminal mastermind in the family. She outshines all the other cunning minds on the show with her lust for power. She’s arguably the smartest and the most ambitious character throughout all four seasons of Ozark.

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No matter how dire the threat, Wendy was unflappable. Her thirst for more is symbolic of the strength of her influencing character. She displays strikingly different levels of engagement in her home and work spheres. Although in the climax scenes of the show, a lot of times she’s absolutely loathed by her family, mostly her son, Jonah, she somehow manages to bring everyone together as a stick and puts an end to their drug-dissolved life in the lake of Ozarks. The anti-heroine and the political brilliance of her character possessing the power to manipulate everyone in her way has truly got Ozark, the best female but a little psychotic protagonist ever possible.

You can stream all the seasons on Netflix.

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