Amidst Turmoils Harry and Meghan Called out for boring narration, Asked To Learn From American Poster Boy Superman

Amidst Turmoils Harry and Meghan Called out for boring narration, Asked To Learn From American Poster Boy Superman

Amidst the already strained ties, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle apparently made a partisan attack on their wrongdoers. From subtly calling out the Palace for letting it happen to completely slamming the publications that destroyed their lives, Prince Harry made the gravest accusations in the latest Netflix Docuseries. However, the publications did not hold back from lashing at the self-exiled couple with the most scathing remarks. 

After a downright war with DailyMail, another publication has also launched a trenchant assault on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their main target was undoubtedly their bombshell docu-series on Netflix. The outlet mocked the couple, asking them about their future strategies to get the bucks coming. It also sarcastically suggested an out-of-the-box crossover for helping them to “keep up.” 

After DailyMail, The Sun calls out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in scathing comments

The Sun, in its latest release, states, “Harry and Meghan have told their “truth” until the truth has been begging for mercy.” According to it, everything that the Duke and the Duchess said in their docuseries was nothing but a bunch of lies to fund their lavish lifestyle in the States. It continued humiliating the couple, asking them, “So what are the world’s greatest victims going to do for the rest of their misbegotten lives?

The outlet further kept on scoffing at the couple, as it said life in La La Land does not come cheap. Hence, he suggested the victimized duo must keep the bucks coming in. In fact, it also commented on how they should try harder to substantiate their fake stories, just as franchises like Superman do. “No one likes repetition, even in Hollywood,” the sources added. 

All of this came in light of the direct attack Prince Harry and Meghan launched on UK tabloids. Their docuseries exposed a good amount of media tapestry and illegitimate headlines that were associated with the Royal Family. The first three episodes of Harry & Meghan showed the countless age-old controversies that could not escape British rags. Apart from them, the Duke and the Duchess made some stunning revelations about recent scandalous sheets that threw dirt on the Imperial Family.

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What is your take on the matter? Do you think the Sussexes are peddling fake stories?

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