Amidst Separation Rumours, Bollywood Ace Deepika Padukone Sits Down With Meghan Markle to Talk About Husband Ranveer Singh and More

Amidst Separation Rumours, Bollywood Ace Deepika Padukone Sits Down With Meghan Markle to Talk About Husband Ranveer Singh and More

Bollywood’s Deepika Padukone and Hollywood actress Meghan Markle connected through the latter’s podcast. The Duchess of Sussex is going all out with her show, ensuring to bring a representation of celebrities from all around. This comeback was after Queen Elizabeth II’s demise when all eyes were on the minutest details of the Royal members. Markle’s continuation of her podcast would bring the focus back to her professional life amidst all the debate about her royal status.

The podcast named Archetypes has previously hosted tennis star and good friend Serena Williams as well as singer Mariah Carey. And now the latest episode sees one of the most successful actresses, Deepika Padukone along with Jenny Slate and Constance Wu, where Padukone mentions her husband Ranveer Singh for the first time since rumors about their separation surfaced online.

Deepika Padukone gets candid on the recent Meghan Markle podcast episode

Meghan Markle has been exploring avenues since moving back to America from the Royal family. Her podcast Archetypes, named after her and Harry’s son, seems to be inviting people of all backgrounds. Adding to the list was xXx: Return of Xander Cage actress Deepika Padukone. From the little glimpse caught from the podcast, she mentioned her husband and fellow actor Ranveer Singh.

My husband was at a music festival for a week and he’s just come back. So, he’s gonna be happy to see my face,” said Padukone.

The Dutchess seemed thrilled to hear about the lovely duo: “Oh my goodness, how fun! Please don’t let me keep you. Please send my best and take good care. Keep in touch.”

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The statement from the Indian actress may come as a relief to fans, amid rumors of Deepika and Ranveer’s martial issues surfacing all over the net. The couple who have been married since 2018 have stayed at their peak in Bollywood and are expanding their horizons in the West as well. Other than films, the Pathaan actress also walked the ramp at the Paris Fashion Week for the world-renowned brand Louis Vuitton.

The two actresses also discussed issues like depression, and how their better halves helped them overcome a difficult phase in the podcast episode.

Are you excited about listening to the whole episode? Let us know in the comments which other celebrity would you like to see in Markle’s Archetypes.

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