Amidst Instagram Controversy, Kanye West Reminds Mark Zuckerberg of Their Friendship With a Throwback Photo

Amidst Instagram Controversy, Kanye West Reminds Mark Zuckerberg of Their Friendship With a Throwback Photo

Kanye West just posted a sweet photo of him and business magnate Zuckerberg in a fit of rage. Ye seems to be out for every celebrity since his White Lives Matter T-shirt fiasco started. The artist has gone into a frenzy of social media posts and is not sparing anyone on his unknown mission. And the hip-hopper has now called upon Meta genius Mark, reminding him of their friendship and how it has gone down ever since.

Kanye West is always around big names, from being allies with former President Donald Trump to Elon Musk. In fact, he has publicly asked these figures for money on the scale of billions of dollars. Zuckerberg was one of them. Back in 2016, West asked the Meta founder to invest $1 billion in his ideas. It is unlikely that Mark fulfilled Ye’s wishes. While the musician let that go, he alleged Mark of disabling his Instagram (also owned by Zuckerberg), and the post he used for calling out the business magnate is rather interesting.

Kanye West posts an old candid picture of him with Mark Zuckerberg

Kanye seems to be on a rampage, calling out every person he thinks is in his way. The whole drama that began with Ye wearing a White Lives Matter T-shirt, has spiraled down to him calling out Mark Zuckerberg now. Kanye took his rage to Twitter, uploading a photo with the caption, “Look at this Mark. How you gonna kick me off Instagram. You used to be my ni**a”. The old picture shows Kanye and Zuckerberg along with others signing a karaoke, apparently to the Backstreet Boys song I Want It That Way.

Mark Zuckerberg is yet to respond to the post, and the Praise God singer’s profile is still visible on Instagram. So it is unclear in what way has the profile been disabled. But this is just one of the many in the Heartless singer’s list of people that have scorned him.

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Seems like Kanye will do anything but take a break from giving out opinions and fans are waiting to see what is next. Just like his music, do you support Ye’s opinions? Let us know in the comments below.

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