Amidst Drama, Meghan Markle has THIS One Best Friend From The Royal Family

Amidst Drama, Meghan Markle has THIS One Best Friend From The Royal Family

One of the greatest moments that people will bookmark as a highlight of 2022 is Netflix’s Docuseries, Harry & Meghan. While various scenes ruffled feathers dramatically, others continued to get strong reactions from viewers. All in all, it was apparently a “declaration of war” on the Royal Family, or so the experts said. However, it looks like someone from the Royals’ side has joined forces with the Duke and Duchess, especially Meghan Markle, revealed as one of the biggest disclosures of the six-part-docuseries. 

One thing was clear out of the series that the senior-most members of the Royal Family have turned their back on the Sussex couple. Nevertheless, there is still someone from the shadows standing tall with Harry and Meghan. Apart from other eminent speakers who did not hold back the truth from reaching the audience, we had an actual working royal hanging out with Harry and his family. Although never disclosed publicly, the mother of one made her support for the Sussexes clear in the last episode.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are bonded with THIS member of the Royal Family the most

It was undoubtedly the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, Princess Eugene. The last episode of the treacherous journey of the Duke and the Duchess showcases the little joy of life they still retain in their lives. It is where Princess Eugene also got her feature within the gradually recovering and blooming family of the Sussexes. She and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, were seen on various occasions with the couple. 

The documentary revealed a Halloween party picture that had the Princess, Brooksbank, Harry, and Meghan Markle in all smiles. It also showcased the cousins bonding on a beach as Harry records his younger sister running barefoot on the beach. In another instance, the two were cycling by a field. Princess Eugene has been one of very few confidants of Harry. Especially with Meghan, as the sisters-in-law seemed to have a fun time hanging out together, which is a contrast from the bond between the Princess of Wales and the Duchess

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How did you like the relationship between the Duke and the Princess, as shown in Netflix’s multi-million docuseries?

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    December 20, 2022 at 2:44 am

    I have been following the Royal families antics off and on for many years. I am 77. I AM a total supporter of Prince Harry and Meghan…stay the course…the British Royal family has been covering up and lying about each other for DECADES…Love to your lovely family…

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