Amidst All the Praise, ‘Stranger Things’ Has Left a Lot of People Rather Disappointed After Season 4

Amidst All the Praise, ‘Stranger Things’ Has Left a Lot of People Rather Disappointed After Season 4

After facing certain duds like Money Heist Korea, Netflix has knocked it out of the park with Stranger Things season 4 but that doesn’t mean the show didn’t have problems with its narrative and characterization. Since season 4 reached its finale with Hawkins ripped apart and Vecna still on the loose, fans have voiced out their disappointments with certain aspects of the show.

BuzzFeed recently asked its community what they thought about the latest season and these are criticisms they leveled against the popular show. 

Fans criticize Stranger Things season 4 

“Season 4 was too long — there were definitely things that didn’t add anything, which they could’ve cut (e.g., the flirtation between Argyle and Suzie’s sister, most of the California bullying stuff, a lot of the Russia stuff, etc.).”

“This is obviously not a show based in reality, but at this point, it’s ridiculous that none of the main characters have died. They keep getting into these life-and-death situations, and yet, not a single one of them has been killed? Even Millie Bobby Brown called it out, and the Duffer brothers’ excuse was just that ‘this is Hawkins, not Westeros,’ as if there’s no middle ground.”

“El, Will, and Jonathan should have returned to Hawkins for spring break and cut out all the Cali shit. El still could have been taken, and Joyce still could have pursued Hopper. One thing likable about the show is the dynamic of the kids working and being together. When they are all split up, something is missing.”

“[Mike has] been more annoying as the seasons go on in my opinion, and he’s just too self-centered to be the ‘heart of the team,’ like, I feel like Dustin is more of the heart of the team.”


“The Steve and Nancy relationship is a tired storyline. Steve was at his peak when he was leading the kids and being interesting on his own. Him abandoning that to drool over Nancy is dumb. Seems desperate and weird at this point.”

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Is there a spin-off on the way? 

The Duffer brothers are likely working on a Stranger Things spin-off since they set up an Upside Down production house. In a Happy Sad Confused podcast, the brothers revealed that the spin-off will take a completely different route. No other deets are available on the spin-off yet. 

Phew, so fans will get more of Hawkins if not Eleven and the gang after season 5! 

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