Amazing Fan Arts Created by Fans for Tokyo’s Character From Netflix TV Series Money Heist

Amazing Fan Arts Created by Fans for Tokyo’s Character From Netflix TV Series Money Heist

It is not hidden that Money Heist has a huge fan following among Indians. The show is massively popular worldwide, and Indians, too, share deep sentiments towards this Spanish crime drama. So, Indians have used their creativity to impress our beloved character from Money Heist, Tokyo aka Ursula Corbero.

In a video posted by Netflix India on its YouTube channel and Instagram page, Tokyo reacted to some fan arts sent to her from India. The first, a pencil sketch of her character, flattered her. She expressed that the artist made her look more beautiful and dedicated a flying kiss to the creator.

Furthermore, fans discovered that Corbero loved everything that had to do with colors and neons. Tokyo said so as she saw a graphic art of her character. Moreover, making her look younger is always welcoming.

Typically Indian Art for Money Heist

Another art with classic Indian touch made her go, “This is super Indian. I love it, they’ve made the entire building just as if it were an Indian building from Money Heist. And the overalls too, they’re wearing them. It’s the best.” She giggled and smiled in adornment. Furthermore, she also let fans catch her sharpness as she spotted a tiny drawing of the Professor’s cup in her hand.

Tokyo is also a fan of Graffities because people can click pictures with them, post those pictures and tag her. It was surreal for her to find out that there are such graffiti in India of Money Heist and Dali’s masks.

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Who is Tokyo?

Played by Ursula Corbero, Tokyo is a code name given to Silene Oliveira, narrator and the prime character of Money Heist. She is a runway robber who Professor ropes in to take part in his heists.

Also, Netflix India Twitter handle posted a short video of 1 minute 14 seconds captioned “Tokyo forever.” In the video, an artist wearing a Dali mask and the signature jumpsuit is drawing on a rooftop. It is later revealed in a zooming-out shot to be Tokyo’s giant portrait.

Following the events of Season 5.1, Tokyo may be dead, but stranger things have happened in this show and fans have to expect the unexpected. How will Tokyo feature in the Money Heist finale?

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