“Allows me to hit…” – Jason Bateman on Directing Himself in ‘Ozark’ Back When He Started

“Allows me to hit…” – Jason Bateman on Directing Himself in ‘Ozark’ Back When He Started

Jason Bateman is not just a Jack of all trades, but a master as well, with Ozark proving it. The 53-year-old actor is popular for his amazing acting and comedic style. Horrible Bosses, Arrested Development, and Ozark are just some of the shows in his credit. The acting was inculcated in him from a young age, appearing in the Golden Grahams.

Though it was Arrested Development’s success that brought him into the limelight back in 2003. After struggling with the downfall of early stardom, he rose up with the return of the series picked by Netflix. Meanwhile, he also directed and acted in one of the most successful shows on the platform, Ozark. But what does it take to fill two positions and be successful at it? Bateman bares it all in an interview.

Jason Bateman on his experience of directing and acting in Ozark

Jason Bateman was asked about what it was like to manage to direct Ozark while acting as the lead character. During an episode of Close Up with THR, Bateman sat with a group of actors opening up about his hit show.

It allowed me to hit this tonal target that I wanted to when I read the first two episodes which were written,” said the actor about his dual positions in the Netflix Original. It also enabled him to edit his own character during editing.

Other guests on the show agreed that as an actor, they need to tone a dialogue, keeping in mind how it could be edited. The Drama Actors Roundtable also included Michael B. Jordan, Darren Criss, Matthew Rhys, and Jeff Daniels. J. K. Simmons took the liberty to hilariously correct Bateman when the latter said how he wanted to do more than “just acting” in the show.

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Ozark ended up getting a total of 45 Primetime Awards nominations, with Jason Bateman winning Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series 2019. While the crime thriller came to an end this year, Jason Bateman is busy with future projects. He is co-producing Your Place or Mine starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon.

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