All The Reasons You Should Be Streaming Clickbait On Netflix Right Now

All The Reasons You Should Be Streaming Clickbait On Netflix Right Now

Netflix’s Clickbait is the story of a family whose life went upside down after a series of digital-age events. Developed by Tony Ayres and Christian White, the miniseries explore the “dangerous and uncontrolled impulses” of this internet world. Also, the show robbed a top seat on Nielsen’s U.S. streaming chart within the first week of release. According to Nielsen, the show received 1.46 billion minutes of view that week.

It’s a deathly entertaining show of eight episodes with jaw-dropping twists that won’t let you leave your seat. The show might give a fright from this modern world reigned by virtual screens. And will ask whether you can trust the people around you or not, as social media comes with its own set of perils. Here are some of the best reasons why you should watch this series

Clickbait is a complex thriller of a mysterious abduction

As soon as the story starts, we find a viral video where a fatally beaten man holds a sign that says, “I ABUSE WOMEN.” And there is another statement that reads, “AT 5 MILLION VIEWS I DIE”, which leaves Pia Brewer shocked. It is revealed the man in the video is his brother Nick Brewer who has been abducted. While there was no trace of the kidnapper and the family couldn’t believe how all this happened because Nick is a mediocre family man with a secure profession and lives a simple life with his little family.

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So the investigation begins that discloses sinister truths of the online world. Meanwhile, the view count constantly grows as the video spreads, increasing the tension in the family. What if the video crosses 5 million? Will they find out who’s behind this outrageous video? Or will they save Nick before time’s up, who is already bruised badly? If you have all these questions in mind, you must take a glimpse of the show.

The show is an authentic creation of intricate characters played by a brilliant ensemble

Clickbait features Adrian Grenier in the protagonist role of Nick Brewer, with Betty Gabriel as his wife, Sophie Brewer. Moreover, the character of Pia Brewer (Nick’s Sister) is portrayed by Zoe Kazan. These three main actors take the viewers to a puzzled storyline that unravels the dark side of social media.

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Other important cast members include Phoenix Raei as Detective Roshan Amir, Motell G Foster as Curtis Hamilton, Abraham Lim as Ben Park, and Jessie Collins as Emma Beesly. Recurring actors include Jaylin Fletcher, Cameron Engles, Elizabeth Alexander, Ian Meadows, Steve Mouzakis, Jack Walton, Kate Lister, and Emily Goddard.

The series is a message to viewers that social media is a thing to handle attentively

Seeing the growing world of people seeking virtual attention and race becoming the trend. It has become essential for people to understand to prevent themselves from social media scams. Like the shore focuses on a human’s impulsiveness that can lead to dangerous outcomes. Because today we cannot really know to discover who is real or fake on the internet. And what are their intentions towards you? So security and responsibility are the two most important that one should keep in mind.

Otherwise, people can end up like Nick, where users are unknown to his real identity, and they keep on sharing the post. When the increase of likes only pushes him on the verge of death, and users do realize that before clicking on it. Therefore, to save people from things like catfishing, hacking, and stalking, it’s important to spread awareness, which Clickbait depicts authentically.

This limited series was released on 25 August 2021 and you can stream it directly on Netflix.

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