All the Easter Eggs You Missed in ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2 From Different Time Periods

All the Easter Eggs You Missed in ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2 From Different Time Periods

Russian Doll season 2 saw Nadia jumping through different time periods. A slightly subtle aspect of the show that many might’ve missed is the hints in those specific time periods. But don’t worry, we did the job for you. Here is a list of all the hints and clues you might have missed in Russian Doll season 2.

Russian Doll season 2 hints and key details in the background

In Russian Doll season 2, background elements make Natasha Lyonne’s excursions to the past much more lifelike than you may think. We are talking about how scenes set in 1980s New York and 1960s East Berlin came to be.

Clues in the 1980s train

As soon as Nadia rides the train, she instantly feels something is off. She gets transported to 1982 NY and starts observing things that are unusual to her. For starters, as soon as she rides the train she notices a lot of smokers on board. This feels unusual to her as smoking was banned on trains in 1988.

The second major thing that tips her off is the poster for the musical Cats. The musical debuted in 1982 but went on to become the longest-running musical in Broadway history.

Another poster on the train is of Sophie’s Choice, released in 1982 December.

Finally, Nadia picks up a newspaper to check the year. At the back of the newspaper is an advertisement for Tabs. Tabs was the only sugar-free drink by Coca-Cola until they released Diet Coke in 1982. 

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1962 Berlin Wall tunnel in Russian Doll season 2

While another time traveler, Alan is exploring the 60s. He finds a group of students who plan to dig a tunnel in the Berlin Wall and escape to West Germany. This is actually a fact. In 1962, a group of 29 students did use a tunnel to escape the communist regime.

Coins in krugerrand

As soon as Nora recovers the family fortunes she asks them to be converted into Krugerrand. Krugerrand is a South African currency first minted in 1967 and a very popular investment in gold at the time.

Are there any hints or clues that we missed from season 2? Let us know if any in the comments.

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