‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Director Edward Berger Thanks Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Upon Best International Feature Film Win

‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Director Edward Berger Thanks Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Upon Best International Feature Film Win

Everyone betting on the heart-wrenching Russian assault German war movie, All Quiet On The Western Front, might be having the last laughs. And why not? The movie is sweeping the awards at the Oscars 95 and the showers of gratitude on stage do not stop. Having secured a plethora of 11 top-tier nominations for the Academy, it finally bagged the Best International Movie of 2022, with congratulations coming in from all fronts and Edward Berger receiving the award.

And the mastermind behind the legendary motion picture is all overwhelmed as you read. The happiness showed when he received the award with the entire world rejoicing in success. Nonetheless, in his ecstasy, he did not forget to mention everyone who made grand success possible. 

Director Edward Berger accepted the Oscar with immense pleasure and gratitude for the Best International Feature Film for All Quiet On The Western Front. Holding the famous gold statuette at the 95th Academy Awards, Berger thanked Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, for making the impossible happen. 

There had been tremendous outrage at not giving Berger the nomination for best director if not a win. However, this heartwarming show on the stage calmed some of the nerves of the onlookers. The movie overtook other international features on the list like The Quiet Girl from Ireland, Close by Belgium, and Argentina, 1985 by Argentina. 

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All Quiet On The Western Front director gives a special shout-out to Ted Sarandos and Felix Kammerer 

For the record, Edward Berger tonight made history to become the first non-Oscar nominated director since Ben Affleck’s Argo to take the award home. More than his mention of Sarandos, what got people wildly groaning was his shout-out to Felix Kammerer, whom people know to be criminally unrecognized in the field. 

Thank you, especially to Felix Kammerer,” said the All Quiet On The Western Front director Edward Berger. “This was your first movie, and you carried us on your shoulders as if it was nothing. Without you, none of us would be here,” affirmed the director before concluding his thank you speech. 

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