All of Us Are Dead Cast Reflect Upon Teenage Emotions Showcased in the Series

All of Us Are Dead Cast Reflect Upon Teenage Emotions Showcased in the Series

There have been a plethora of shows that have held the crown of being at the top on Netflix in the United States. However, none have had the charm and enigma of the youth portrayed in them. The Korean drama series All of Us Are Dead comes from a really great background. And at the same time has something to prove given that Korea is known for such thrillers.

While the youngsters are sure to bring a lot of energy with them, they also bring a reservoir full of raw emotions. And the thing about these emotions is that, more often than not, teenagers don’t know how to channel them. Hence, they are also the ones who get the least of our attention and care. As Nam-ra says: “We won’t be the first to be rescued. We’re not that important. We’re just students. Nothing more.

The cast of ‘All of Us Are Dead’ on the series’ ability to capture the emotions of teenage life

The series ends with a scene where the surviving students jump past a wall and save their lives. However threatening the situation inside the school was, they do express their feelings and disappointment in the government for abandoning them like this. We see Nam-ra, a student who used to be a president once but turned into a half-zombie, say, “You know how students are not children but not yet adults either? I’m like that. I’m neither human nor a monster.”

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Here is what Cho Yi-Hyun, the actress who played Nam-ra, said to NBC Asian about her role, “Everyone faces an identity crisis at one point in their life. As a teenager, I also felt like an adult but not yet an adult. I went through stages like that. In those aspects, I related to Nam-ra.

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Actors on their experience of working in the show

I was deeply moved by O Yeong-su’s performance in ‘Squid Game’ and even imitated his lines from the show to myself,” said Yoon, 20, who plays Cheong-san. “After filming, ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ I was able to grasp how great of a show it was.

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Actors Park and Yoon were asked to talk about their favorite storyline. Surprisingly, they both had the same moment in their mind; when the students were locked inside of the auditorium after Cheong-san’s mother turned into a zombie right in front of his eyes. “It’s a moment when the two opened their hearts and felt a true connection,” Yoon said, who carried On-jo’s name tag behind his phone to portray his harbored feelings. “Even the morning sunlight felt warm.

While we sure have many shows that operate in a fantasy world, we can sure use some realistic representation of emotions. Just like this Netflix Original.

Tell us what your favorite moments from the Netflix series are?

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