All a Secret? Kanye West “did not tell” Kim Kardashian About His Marriage With Bianca Censori, Reveals Source

All a Secret? Kanye West “did not tell” Kim Kardashian About His Marriage With Bianca Censori, Reveals Source

Kanye West gave the shock to Kim Kardashian by marrying Bianca Censori. The Donda singer happily married Kim Kardashian in a lavish ceremony back in 2014. Four kids and seven years later, they made headlines again, this time for their long divorce proceeding. Just two months after the finalization of their divorce, Ye married again.

The entertainer was all over the internet, giving interviews and making controversial statements that majorly affected his net worth. But then he disappeared for weeks, worrying his fans about his whereabouts and safety. All that, only to be spotted with a mysterious blonde woman in Beverly Hill, who turned out to be his new wife. Now, sources close to his ex-wife claim that she had no idea about any of this.

How Kanye West kept Kim Kardashian in dark about his marriage to Bianca Censori

Kanye West ended his love lockdown’ with Kim Kardashian and married his new lady love Bianca Censori recently. It caught everyone by surprise, as they are rumored to have tied the know in a very private ceremony. As per AsiaOne, Kim Kardashian did not see the news coming. Although that just makes her one of the many people unaware of his plans to get married so soon. A close source said, “Kanye did not tell Kim prior to getting married, so she does not know either way if this was legal but she is hearing that it was just a ceremony.”

But also added that the socialite does not really care about the news. But what does matter to her is that Ye continues to follow his fatherly duties. Although it is said that she wants to talk to Censori about ground rules in regards to kids. It was previously speculated that the Kardashian got a sense of Ye brewing up love with the Yeezy employee, and hated her for it.

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The 27-year-old Australian worked for Ye ever since he was married to the Kardashian. There is no confirmation about Ye and his lady love doing the marriage paperwork yet. But if the news is true, Censori will ultimately be part of the life of Ye’s kids.

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