Alice Oseman and Producer Patrick Walters Never Imagined Bagging THIS Secret Star to Cast in Netflix ‘Heartstopper’

Alice Oseman and Producer Patrick Walters Never Imagined Bagging THIS Secret Star to Cast in Netflix ‘Heartstopper’

The much-awaited series, Heartstopper, just landed on Netflix. Ever since the streamer announced that it was working on the adaptation of the popular graphic novel, fans have been waiting for their beloved pair to arrive on screen. And now that it finally has, it has blown the viewers away with a special appearance that no one expected. Author, Alice Oseman and executive producer, Patrick Walters packed a nice little surprise for the fans in this moving tale about youth and love. 

WHO and not what is the big surprise?

Prior to the show’s premiere, the streamer had revealed the entire cast except for one – Nick’s mother. Olivia Coleman playing Nick’s mum in the series bewildered the fans. Olivia is not only the UK’s darling but a Netflix’s favorite as well. She starred in two acclaimed projects – The Crown and Lost Daughter

Her appearance in Heartstopper on Netflix was unexpected even for the creators. Patrick had never expected her to accept the role offer. 

It was always a dream. I was talking to Alice and suggested Oliva Colman play Nick’s mum and it felt like a total fantasy. That would be brilliant but that’s incredibly unlikely.” So we only sent the part to her and she said yes!” he said.

Even Alice found the idea ridiculous. 

I literally thought this was the stupidest idea ever. I thought there was no way she would want to be a part of this or any one famous would want to be a part of this. I was proven wrong!”

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Which scene in Heartstopper moved Netflix star Olivia Coleman to tears? 

Patrick further shared that the emotional coming out scene moved the Oscar Winner to tears. 

“In their scene when he’s coming out to her in the rehearsal she was just looking at Kit (Nick) and his performance was so moving she just burst into tears and forgot her lines.”

In the final episode, Nick comes out as bisexual to his mother. But instead of shunning his son, she embraces him.

The actress had made time out of her busy schedule to shoot the poignant scene for two days. We aren’t surprised how beautifully the scene turned out because Colman’s previous project saw her being an unconventional mother.

What did you think of Olivia Colman’s performance in Heartstopper?

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