Alice In Borderland Season 2 – Netflix Release Date, Cast, And What to Expect

Alice In Borderland Season 2 – Netflix Release Date, Cast, And What to Expect

Alice in Borderland has proved that the series is just as delightful as the wordplay in its title. The Japanese thriller premiered on Netflix on December 10, 2020, and has gained popularity among the international audience. However, after a solid first season fans are waiting for Alice in Borderland season 2.

Some even consider the Japanese thriller as the equivalent of the hit K-Drama “Squid Game“. Since both the series revolve around deadly games, people have drawn comparisons between the two. Let us look at how this season could turn out.

Alice in Borderland season 2 release date

Many fans celebrated the first anniversary of Alice in Borderland season one. With Netflix confirming that the season two will release only in December 2022, fans have got enough time to re-watch the series. Netflix announced the release date for the series during the virtual “Netflix Festival Japan 2021“.

Our best guess is that Alice in Borderland season 2 will drop on Netflix on the same date that it was released. Thus, fans could have time to double the celebrations for the second anniversary on December 10, 2022. The covid pandemic has forced delays on the schedule, or else the project would have completed the production.

What to expect from the second season?

Alice in Borderland takes the gamers’ dream-come-true situation only to twist it into the most deadly game. However, Arisu, our protagonist, managed to stay alive through the deadly games. Now, season 2 will have more deadly games with a new controller at the top. Viewers can expect classic trust issues and unseen circumstances to change the course of the series.

Since Haro Aso’s manga series by the same name has inspired the series, fans can try completing that. The first season has only adapted half of the manga chapters, which means fans can still enjoy at least 33 chapters.

The cast of Alice in Borderland season 2

The story so far bounds Kento Yamazaki (Ryōhei Arisu) and Tao Tsuchiya (Yuzuha Usagi) to be in the series. Aya Asahina (Hikari Kuina), Nijirō Murakami (Shuntarō Chishiya), Riisa Naka (Mira Kano) and Sho Aoyagi (Aguni Morizono) could feature in the supporting roles.

The first season killed a lot of characters, but almost every series brings back fan favorites or plot catalysts at will. So, if that comes to pass, you can expect the following characters to feature in season two:

  • Keita Machida (Daikichi Karube)
  • Yūki Morinaga (Chōta Segawa)
  • Nobuaki Kaneko (Takeru Danma/Hatter)
  • Kina Yazaki (Momoka Inoue)
  • Shuntarō Yanagi (Takatora Samura/Last Boss)
  • Mizuki Yoshida (Asahi Kujō)

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Let us know in the comments how excited are you for the second season.

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