‘Alice in Borderland’ Season 2 First Look Teases Its OTT Characters With Wild Hairstyles Still Competing in More Wicked Games

‘Alice in Borderland’ Season 2 First Look Teases Its OTT Characters With Wild Hairstyles Still Competing in More Wicked Games

Japanese horror series, Alice in Borderland could never quite reach the viral popularity of Squid Game. But this might change with season 2. While the South Korean mega-hit series plays with the dark side of human nature, the Japanese show takes a sci-fi approach. But don’t you mistake it for a kid’s show. The games are as wicked as it gets. The participants suddenly find themselves thrust into a survival battle. They have to collect all the cards to earn their freedom from this virtual game prison. 

Netflix recently unveiled the first look images of the brutal survival series’ second season. The photos don’t reveal much other than the fact that the horror is going to begin again for the gamers. 

Here are the first look images of Alice in Borderland season 2

The new stills reveal both Tao Tsuchiya’s character Yuzuha Usagi and Kento Yamazaki’s Ryohei Arisu wearing some kind of gear. It’s probably part of a game. Usagi was a complete badass last season and the fight is still in her as she readies herself for a challenge. On the other hand, Arisu looks shocked. Both of them had joined hands to survive the horrors together last season, will they continue their partnership in Alice in Borderland season 2? 

In the last season, we learned that there were players who sabotaged the game. We might get more answers in the forthcoming season. For example, who created the game? How were the players chosen? Because the gamers didn’t find themselves in the deserted Tokyo by choice. 

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When is the Japanese survival series coming back to Netflix? 

We don’t have any dates yet. But, since the streamer already released first look images for the show, it will announce the date sooner or later. Fans of Squid Game should definitely check this show out. This has a slightly different tone than the South Korean series. It’s like a live-action anime (it’s based on Haro Aso’s manga) – violent, cartoonish, and characters with outlandish hairstyles. But oh boy, is it fun! 

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