Alan Reed From Inventing Anna: Who Was Anna Delvey’s Lawyer in Real Life?

Alan Reed From Inventing Anna: Who Was Anna Delvey’s Lawyer in Real Life?

It’s no surprise that Inventing Anna is making quite the mark on Netflix. Starring Emmy Award winner Julia Garner, the series is one of the most awaited ones in the history of Netflix. After fans were done binge-watching it right after its release, they were left with many questions- specifically about the truth that the series holds and where exactly does reality stop and the dramatization come in? One such question is the identity of Alan Reed and whether he is based on a real-life person.

The role of Alan Reed in Inventing Anna

As all the readers of this article probably know very well, Inventing Anna is about Anna Sorokin. This woman renames herself Anna Delvey and scams millionaires. From stealing a private jet to opening an exclusive art club in the heart of New York, Anna managed to pull off stunts we only thought we’d see in movies.

When she moves from the world of art and fashion to that of finance and property development, she ensures she has the right people backing her. This is when she decides to hire Alan Reed. He has been a great help to Anna throughout the series. Considering how much Reed has helped Anna achieve her goals in Inventing Anna, the natural assumption is that there must have been a real-life Alan Reed that helped Anna Sorokin just as much, if not more. Well, this man does exist, and he goes by the name of Andrew Lance.

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Who is Andrew Lance?

Being a partner at the renowned firm Gibson Dunn, it is no shock that Andrew Lance was the first person to get suspicious of Anna. After Anna Sorokin got in touch with Andrew Lance, he introduced her to multiple large financial institutions. Considering the reputation Gibson Dunn and Lance boasted, the representatives at Fortress seemed interested in Anna’s project. Later, however, they backed out when they got suspicious of Anna’s resources and claims. The “rich German heiress” narrative could only get her so far, after all.

As for Andrew, he joined Gibson Dunn in 1995 and became a co-partner in 2017. This was around the time Anna decided to use his reputation to meet her own ends. Lance has worked as a consultant to McKinsey and Co. and has taught in multiple prestigious institutions like Yale Law School. The lawyer is currently a partner at Gibson Dunn’s real estate group, as can be seen on their website. Alongside his very impressive career, he also works with and represents many not-for-profit organizations.

For more information on the same, you can watch Inventing Anna on Netflix.

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