Akon Goes Full 180 After Supporting Kanye West for So Long, Says “It wasn’t him that I was supporting”

Akon Goes Full 180 After Supporting Kanye West for So Long, Says “It wasn’t him that I was supporting”

Over the last few months, all the close relations have distanced themselves from Kanye West, since the fashion mogul has been edgy and his erratic behavior has infuriated people. The rapper was recently banned from Twitter once again for violating the terms. Even the chief executive officer of Twitter said he wanted to slap Ye for all the hate speech and antisemitic views.

Meanwhile, his fans also parted ways with the musician after he stoop up for Balenciaga’s campaign, as fans took sides with Taylor Swift addressing the long-standing beef between the two. Many stated that he has been wrong this whole time and they didn’t see it. And now it seems his all-time defender Akon has also stepped back from the controversy king.

Akon takes a U-turn, leaving Kanye West with his chaos 

In a recent interview with Channel 4, Akon talked about his previous comments on Ye’s actions. But the views were different this time! The Senegalese-American rapper has faced much criticism for defending the Donda singer in recent controversies.

During the conversation, he stated that he does not support hate speech or would hurt the religious beliefs of people. He said they both have different views and he would never do what Kanye West is doing now.

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“It wasn’t him that I was supporting. It was the opinion of people and having the right to have your own opinion,” explained the Smack That singer. He continued that he never knew his comments would affect others, and he disregards hate speech no matter who says it.

It all started when Akon spoke about his relationship with Ye and said people should not take everything personally. Even he vowed to defend the Praise God singer at that time. “I’m going to always defend Kanye West because I always believe in life and opinion is just an opinion,” remarked Akon on Sky News. However, he has turned his back on the 45-year-old star since people started condemning him for speaking on the wrong side.

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