Ahead of Wednesday Release on Netflix, Take a Look at Best Quotes From Wednesday Addams

Ahead of Wednesday Release on Netflix, Take a Look at Best Quotes From Wednesday Addams

When fans heard about Wednesday coming to Netflix, to say that they were ecstatic would be an understatement. For those who watched the wonderfully wicked Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams, Wednesday Addams was all that everyone wanted to be. She is a genius, outspoken, and unabashedly herself. If there was a plagiarism check, we would all be held guilty for copying her personality.

Over the years, we have met her in different adaptations, each as brilliant and iconic as the other. But the  Netflix series Wednesday will be taking us on a journey along with the legend herself as she navigates through life. To think that the genius Charles Addams created this magnificent gothic little girl from a nursery rhyme, “Wednesday’s Child is full of woe‘ is mind-blowing. From her appearances on The Addams Family Cartoons, The Addams Family sitcom, the film, and the sequel titled Addams Family Values, Wednesday has built a cult following for herself. Here are some of the best quotes by Wednesday Addams that you can print on your t-shirts.

Best Wednesday Addam Quotes that will make you stream it on Netflix

Do not trust the pilgrims, especially Sarah Miller”

Starting off with the very best, Wednesday’s portrayal of the daughter of the Algonquin chief. In a Thanksgiving play held at her school, she portrays Pocahontas. And while everything starts smoothly with her complimenting Becky in the role of Sarah Miller, saying that her hair is the color of the sun and skin is like a fresh rose, hyping her ego and indulging her as she took jabs at the Indians.

However, it is Wednesday Addams we are talking about here. And just two minutes into the Thanksgiving Play, she receives a message from the ancestors and tells her people to not trust the pilgrims. The monologue flawlessly delivered by Christiana Ricci is a delight to watch. 


You will be lying if you say the word and the action associated with the term ‘wait’ does not give you even a hint of anxiety. And when it comes from the wonderfully wicked Wednesday Addams, who tries electrocution on her brother for fun, it is the epitome of threat.

When a cheery yet judgy Amanda greets her, she questions her outfit of choice, saying that it looks like she is going to a funeral. Wednesday Addams without a hint of humor, says ‘wait’. We are not shivering, you are.


Given that she is the daughter of Morticia Addams, it goes without saying that Wednesday is no ordinary child. While Amanda and Morticia are having a conversation, she says Wednesday is going through the phase where her mind is filled with just one thing.

Like a commoner, Amanda’s mother assumes the answer to be boys. However, being the elite stereotype-breaking genius child, Wednesday Addams nonchalantly states that it is homicide.

”Are they made from real Girl Scouts?”

This line never gets old. Wednesday and her brother, Pugsley, set up a stall on Girls Scouts Day. A cheery girl scout walks up to them and asks if they were made of real lemons. Because God forbid she has anything that isn’t natural food and beverage. Furthermore, she agrees to buy a cup if they buy her girl scout cookies. Only for Wednesday Addams to say the iconic lines ”Are they made of real girl scouts?”

”I’m Not a Freak. I’m A Force Of Nature”

A huge appeal behind Wednesday Addams is the fact that she is unabashedly herself. Although she is quiet, which is ironic considering that every sentence that comes out of her mouth becomes iconic, the Addams family’s daughter knows her worth

She clapsback at someone who says she is a freak and calls herself a force of nature. This Wednesday, Addams’ quote is one of the best lines in the lesson of self-love.

“And serial killers”

The upcoming series, Netflix’s Wednesday Addams, within a minute trailer managed to remind fans of why we love the character so much.

Describing herself as stubborn, single-minded, and obsessive, Addams says that those are all traits of great writers AND serial killers. Make sure you do not miss out on Jenna Ortega’s brilliant portrayal of Wednesday coming to Netflix in October.

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