Ahead of Season 5, Fans Get a ‘Stranger Things’ Inspired Hotel for Real Life Experience; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Ahead of Season 5, Fans Get a ‘Stranger Things’ Inspired Hotel for Real Life Experience; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Our beloved show Stranger Things became a hit for many reasons. Its 80’s based storyline of a sci-fi evil lab experiment, floral wallpapers, walkie-talkies, and its inclusion of a playlist from the likes of Madonna and Queen gives you a trip to nostalgia, even for people that weren’t born at the time. Taking these little details into consideration, a hotel has now opened its doors for people to live the Stranger Things experience.

A Duffer Brother’s creation, the first season’s success led Netflix to pick it up for a second and third. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the makers to hold back on season 4, testing the loyalty of its fan base. Despite this, the fourth season received record-breaking views. However, there is no exact date announced for the fifth season. So while we go through a long painful wait, we can smell, see, and feel the show through a stay at this Stranger Things-inspired hotel.

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Step into the retro world of Stranger Things at this hotel

Welcome to Hawkins,” writes the site of Graduate Hotels Bloomington on its page, giving an introduction to their hotel theme. In one room, you are promised a comfortable stay in Joyce Byers’ living room with floral wallpapers, a sofa-cum-bed, and Christmas lights, which are hints of having some special effects to give you a feel of the show’s creepy side.

A room next door will take you to Wheeler’s basement, with wood-paneled walls, equipped with walk-talkies (prop or real), and a set of 80’s trendy board games. To add to it, you can play Dungeons and Dragons while wearing Will’s purple wizard cloak. However, the hotel went all the way to give you a real-life retro experience, which means no modern TVs. Then again, who would need a TV when the fascinating elements of this stay are so engaging?

What’s more? The hotel gives a package along with the suite stay which is inclusive of a bike ride, a polaroid camera for the trip, two tickets to WonderLab Science Museum, and of course, a special Eggo® to snack on. Not to mention, 11% of the profits also go to the WonderLab Science Museum.

However, if you plan to visit, be sure to book well in advance as their calendar is almost full already. One night stay at this hotel can cost you approximately $274 exclusive of taxes and fees. But unlike the fictional town of Hawkins, this hotel is located in Kirkland, Bloomington, USA.

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So until Netflix drops a date for the series finale, why don’t you try a stay at this Stranger Things hotel, to keep the spirits up? Do you like the idea of this themed hotel? Let us know in the comments.

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