Ahead of Harry’s ‘Spare’ Another Royal Publication Sheds Light on Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s Neglected Childhood

Ahead of Harry’s ‘Spare’ Another Royal Publication Sheds Light on Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s Neglected Childhood

Prince Harry, with his upcoming memoir, has already given the British Monarchy a bundle of nerves. In addition to it, another Royal publication has recently called out the senior royals for portraying how their lives affected the younger Princes. Amidst the much-anticipated novel called Spare, here is another piece by a royal expert who brought to notice what the lives of Prince Harry and Prince William looked like. 

Royal Expert Kate Nicholl recently published a book, which seems jam-packed with some delicate unknown stories about the Royal Family. Named The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s legacy and the Future of the Crown, the book reached the subjects of the Kingdom earlier this month on the 4th of October. As the name suggests it sheds light on the minute details of the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s rule and its aftermath. Here is an excerpt from the book that got us thinking. 

How Charles’s parenting cost Prince Harry and Prince William a bit too much 

No one is unaware of the tragic death of Princess Diana and the treacherous effect it had on the family. It would not be wrong to say that the dysfunctional family feels the impact of the same to this day. However, back in the day, the Princess left behind her two growing sons at the hands of their father, Charles. The book reads, “With a busy work schedule and Camilla now very much a priority in his private diary, Charles placed too much trust in William and Harry to look after themselves“. 

Narrating an instance to justify the same, Kate wrote an anecdote following her bold statement. The boys were more often than not at a loose end at the pinnacle of their teenage years. Both the brothers had started a club called “Club H” at Highgrove. This was the hub for their lavish parties and extravagant, friendly dinners. Helplessly, Harry had gotten himself into a habit of drinking and smoking cigarettes merely at the age of 17. 

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As a result, many who were least bothered did not cause any trouble. However, when an aide of local authorities caught a whim of marijuana from inside the inn, “Harry often got busted.” Even then, the boys would in fact end up calling the Royal security battalion instead of father Charles as he was never around. 

This was just the tip of the iceberg of what the book is trying to convey. Have you read the story? What is your take on such crucial matters?

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