Ahead of Blonde Release, Ana de Armas Gets Candid About “Dangerous Attention” With Ben Affleck and Deep Water Failure

Ahead of Blonde Release, Ana de Armas Gets Candid About “Dangerous Attention” With Ben Affleck and Deep Water Failure

The beauty of Cuban soil Ana De Armas has played versatile roles in her career of more than 15 years. From romantic drama to becoming the intrepid spy in the legendary James Bond movie No Time To Die she has proved to be a talented artist. However, her journey to Hollywood has been daunting as she moved from her homeland to Spain to pursue her career in acting.

But she never looked back and continued to work devotedly without a sign of slowing down. So the success followed her, and she got her first significant role in Knives Out. Unfortunately, her recent movie Deep Water, directed by Adrian Lyne, didn’t go well. Breaking her silence for the first time, Armas got candid about “dangerous attention” with Ben Affleck and the movie’s failure.

Ana De Armas won’t be compromising her career or personal life 

In a cover story interview with Variety, Ana De Armas talked about her remarkable performance in Blonde. During the conversation, she opened up about what she feels about the failure of Deep Water and her relationship with Ben Affleck. The erotic thriller depicted the toxic relationship of a couple that was received unfavorably upon its arrival. Deep Water starred Ben and Ana in the lead roles of Vic Allen and Melinda.

The actress said she wouldn’t take any chances with direction because the person is the leading light. They portray the stories, and actors keep their faith in directors that they would do their best“I learned that I cannot compromise on a director,” remarked the actress.

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Moreover, she recalled her courtship with Affleck, who was her co-star, and they started dating after working together in Deep WaterSadly, they only lasted for a year, and Ben got married to Jennifer Lopez later. The Knives Out star felt threatened during her relationship with Ben Affleck. She revealed how the paparazzi continuously chased her from the first morning light till midnight. 

“So when the attention is not about my work, it is upsetting, and it feels disrespectful, and it feels inappropriate, and it feels dangerous and unsafe,” explained Armas.

She didn’t know what to do in an unknown country except leave the place. However, she used those experiences to connect with the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. By doing this biopic, she connected with the  Blonde and said that the actress never received the respect and honor she deserved.

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Are you wonderstruck by the resemblance between Armas and Monroe? Blonde is currently streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t watched the movie, go take a look. And don’t forget to tell us your views in the comment section.

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