AGENT OF DESTRUCTION! Royal Expert Dissects Meghan Markle’s First Royal Appearance With Kate Middleton and Prince William

AGENT OF DESTRUCTION! Royal Expert Dissects Meghan Markle’s First Royal Appearance With Kate Middleton and Prince William

There is a threat looming over the reputation of the royal family because of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir. The Duke would not be pulling any punches in Spare, as he will be diving into the detail of his relationship with Prince William, Kate Middleton, and King Charles. Amidst the royal chaos, royal experts continue to shame Meghan Markle. Many people close to the royal family believe that the former American actress is responsible for the destruction of the bond between Prince Harry and the senior members

Royal expert Tom Bower recalled Markle’s first appearance as a working royal to reveal her ill intentions. Months before the royal wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a joint appearance with Kate Middleton and Prince William for the first time. The Fab Four attended the Royal Foundation Forum in February 2018 to discuss their charity work. Reminiscing the day, the royal author highlighted the Suits alum’s statements that spoke volumes about her agenda of marrying the Duke.  

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Tom Bower accuses Meghan Markle of using Prince Harry

Speaking about the 2018 event, Tom Bower claimed that Meghan Markle wanted to get famous with the help of the royal family. As per the royal author, even before meeting Prince Harry, the former American actress was inclined towards becoming a famous influencer like Angelina Jolie. She always looked out for the platforms to speak but could not gain much success. However, Prince Harry’s companionship gave her the stage and necessary media attention. Bower also pointed out instances when Markle made Prince William and Kate Middleton uncomfortable with her answers during the Forum. 

“Right at the beginning, Meghan made it clear she wanted ‘to hit the ground running.’ If you watch the video of the four of them, both William and Kate grimace. It was clear she wanted to become a campaigner and a celebrity,” Tom Bower said, as mentioned by the Express.

Further, the royal biographer also blamed Meghan Markle for manipulating Prince Harry against his own family. Bower reckoned that the Duchess has been an “agent of destruction” and she played with the Duke’s vulnerabilities and obsession with the late Princess Diana to get her work done. 

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    January 7, 2023 at 10:58 pm

    Yes, I do believe Tom Bower. Harry and Meghan have said so many things that have proven to be untrue. For example, Harry said that he called his therapist after William shoved him to the ground. Yet Meghan claimed that she was refused help when she needed it. Why didn’t Harry get her the help she needed? This Claim does not make sense. She also claimed that they were actually married days before the wedding. This was disputed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. She said their son was not called prince because of his race. Not true, only grandchildren of the monarch are called prince/princess and those who are in the direct line to the throne. Harry must have known this even if Meghan didn’t educate herself on it. Both the Netflix series and more so Harry’s book show that the main source of contention was Harry’s place in the family hierarchy and his deep jealousy and resentment of his firstborn brother. The brother he told when they were young that he wanted to be king when William said he didn’t want to be king. The deeply personal conversations and incidents that Harry has revealed are betrayals. How could his family ever trust him to keep future conversations private?

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