Agent Alex Hall Receives Mixed Emotions From ‘Selling The OC’ Fans

Agent Alex Hall Receives Mixed Emotions From ‘Selling The OC’ Fans

Netflix OG TV reality show Selling Sunset was a big hit among the masses. Released in 2019, the series saw massive success as it offered the viewers a bit of everything; glamour, love, feuds, fights, office politics, and more. It was based in Los Angeles, where a handful of real estate agents were put against each other to sell ultra-expensive properties.

Selling Sunset’s season four saw the twin brothers, Jason, and Brett Oppenheim, announcing the elaboration of their brokerage in Orange Country, California. They obviously mentioned it to cause hype for the spin-off show, Selling The OC. Netflix dropped the series a few days back and it has already caused a stir on social media

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What is wrong with Alex Hall in Selling The OC?

The eight-episode binge-worthy show has a completely different set of real estate agents and they have received mixed responses from the viewers so far. While the fans are loving some characters, Agent Alex Hall has managed to fall into their bad books. People are not impressed with the Hall and termed her a big bully and egoistic.

Now, it isn’t hard to hate Alex Hall in Selling The OC. There were a few instances in the show when she pissed the viewers off with her judgemental behavior. In one of the episodes, she accused her colleague of getting benefits by sleeping with a client. Hall also doesn’t seem to be a fan of PDA as she caused a massive drama when two people tried to kiss each other. 

Alex opens up on the feedback from the fans

Meanwhile, a particular section of fans was also upset with Alex and Polly Brindle’s attitude towards another member, Kayla Cardona. The two didn’t sympathize with Kayla’s struggle and made fun of her behind the back. Fans found this behavior a little inhumane, and they called out Alex and Polly for the same after watching Selling The OC

While Twitter is filled with reviews for Alex Hall, she isn’t much concerned about the negatives. As per Bobby24, Hall is really moved by the positive reviews and is just grateful for all the love showered upon her. Speaking about the negativity, she mentioned that it is all the part and parcel of the job she has signed up for. 

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Have you watched Selling The OC? What are your thoughts about Alex Hall? Let us know in the comments.

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