After Their DC Fiasco and Firing the Rock’s Ex-wife, Henry Cavill Wants to Be Like Dwayne Johnson

After Their DC Fiasco and Firing the Rock’s Ex-wife, Henry Cavill Wants to Be Like Dwayne Johnson

After the DC fiasco, Henry Cavill has been occupying the headlines of the news. The British actor reprised his role as Superman at the DCEU after a long break. As soon as he made a comeback via Black Adam, James Gunn axed Snyder’s Justice League, along with other iconic projects. Although the new DC bosses are making new plans for the universe, he made it clear Cavill’s Superman wouldn’t return. Thus, the actor diverted his concentration somewhere else.

Reportedly, as soon as The Witcher actor had to walk out of the DCEU, he allegedly fired his agent, Dany Garcia. Although at some point, The Rock denied it. Soon, the actor joined another amazing franchise, Avatar. His post-Superman journey doesn’t just end here. He also joined the Warhammer 40,000 team as a cast and executive producer to fulfill his nerdy dream. And now, the Enola Holmes actor has shifted his focus to somewhere else.

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Henry Cavill wants to receive similar treatment like Dwayne Johnson

The 39-year-old actor is a nerd and is passionate about maintaining his physique. As the viewers have seen him in different films and shows showcasing his upper body, the viewers can understand how fit the actor is. And the Black Adam actor, Dwayne Johnson, also gives competition to Cavill in fitness. However, both actors train under the same coach named Dave Rienzi. As per Fandom Wire, in an interview, the British actor revealed he wanted to have the facilities always available for him. He referred to the gym as being able to host the actor anytime he wanted.

Reportedly, the Man of Steel actor has started working out with the same coach as Dwayne Johnson. The actor opened up about it and said he had done through ups and downs with his physique. Because he didn’t have proper facilities available, he had to face a few difficulties as well. Now the Justice League actor is investing in making sure he has the facility available for him anytime he wants.

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Although both the superhero actors have the same trainer, they both have different things to focus on. Because of their differences in body structure, Cavill mainly focuses on mobility training and strengthening his body posture. And Johnson trains for his body conditioning.

Although, both the actors fit in their own way, who is your favorite? Tell us about your fitness mantra in the comment box below.

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