After the Success of The Harder They Fall, Netflix Brings Another Movie With an All-Black Cast

After the Success of The Harder They Fall, Netflix Brings Another Movie With an All-Black Cast

Black History Month might have come and gone away. But, we aren’t about to stop celebrating black history and their stories, and neither is Netflix, apparently. After the success of The Harder They Fall, the platform is releasing another film with an all-black cast. Netflix announced on its Twitter subdivision called Strong Black Lead the directing of a film based in Boom! Comic Books Irredeemable and Incorruptible.

Find here all the information the platform has released about the upcoming movie.

What exactly is Strong Black Lead?

Those who do not extensively watch Netflix and keep themselves updated with entertainment news might be unaware of Strong Black Lead. Despite the 250k+ followers on the account, it isn’t as popular as Netflix Geeked which has over 550k followers.

Strong Black Lead is a niche-based Twitter subdivision of the streaming giant. As the name suggests, it focuses only on the African-American section of its projects. From Black creators to actors, Strong Black Lead aims to bring to light and celebrate the glory of black history, contribution and stories.

Here’s the Twitter account of the same:

Now that you know what Strong Black Lead is, here’s all the Twitter account has released about the upcoming project on Netflix.

What is the film about? Will it be anything like The Harder They Fall?

Superhero fans, gear up! Netflix is bringing to viewers the live-action adaptation of Irredeemable. The book series follows the life of the world’s greatest superhero, The Plutonian. While the series has many more additions and sequels, the adaptation is going to focus on the first two comics- Irredeemable and Incorruptible.

The producers of the adaptation include rap icon Jay-Z, James Lassiter, and Jeymes Samuel. Samuel has worked as the filmmaker of The Harder They Fall, another movie with an exclusively African-American ensemble cast.

While The Harder They Fall and the latest superhero adaptation share the genius of Jeymes Samuel, the two films are nothing alike. The Harder They Fall surrounded the lives of people in the wild west. This Netflix live-action adaptation focuses on a superhero in intergalactic missions.

While there is no more news of the film, stay tuned for any and all updates!

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