After the Jubilee Plans “Crashed and Burned”, Harry and Meghan Accused of Using the United Nations Event for “Netflix Content”

After the Jubilee Plans “Crashed and Burned”, Harry and Meghan Accused of Using the United Nations Event for “Netflix Content”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been on the news for a long time for various reasons. Recently, the couple appeared at the United Nations’ informal gathering on Nelson Mandela International Day. To honor Nelson Mandela’s contribution to the world peace and culture, the United Nations declared his birthday to be celebrated as an international day. The Sussexes also appeared on the occasion and faced some critical reactions.

The Royal biographer, Tom Bower, in an interview told Pierce Morgan that Harry does it for a profile. While the couple has a $100 million deal with Netflix, he does it for his upcoming documentary. However, they are facing difficulties producing the content for the documentary. Their appearance at the United Nations created controversy once again.

Did Harry and Meghan use the event for Netflix content?

Well, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of plotting for another plan for their upcoming Netflix documentary. The couple got no fruitful footage from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, though. A well-known Australian reporter, Peter Ford, accused the couple of using the event at the United Nations as a tool for their Netflix documentary.

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He also talked about Prince Harry’s royal title. He said that no matter what he does and wherever he goes, he will always be the Prince. Harry understands this and still ignores the fact they he’s not allowed to speak on some of the political issues as per the Royal protocols. Peter commented on his Twitter as well about the Duke of Sussex’s speech at the UN. He pointed out that Harry’s not a ‘keynote speaker’. “This is not a general assembly of the UN. It’s an informal gathering and, presumably, a chance for some Netflix content after the Jubilee visit to London crashed and burned,” added Peter.

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He also referred to this meme circulating on Tweeter and said that even though the couple wanted to record this occasion for heir Netflix content, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way.

Peter Ford talked about Harry and Meghan in detail with The Morning Show and added that as it was an informal gathering, many people didn’t show up. The seats were empty, and the couple didn’t get what they wanted. This is when he refers to this meme and commented on how Prince Harry, as well as the people, are still in the gray area about the royal title the prince holds.

Unfortunately, the couple didn’t get a houseful room while Harry spoke at the event. As commented earlier by the royal expert, that Harry and Meghan need to be smart about their upcoming Netflix documentary. Are they really following that advice? Are they really trying to be smart about the content?

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