Best of Harlan Coben Shows and Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

Best of Harlan Coben Shows and Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

One of the most prolific writers of this generation with not one but multiple bestsellers, Harlan Coben’s works are definitely worthy of many adaptations. Netflix looked into it and signed a five-year deal with the writer in 2018. This deal entails that books written by Harlan Coben will be adapted into Netflix Originals.

After the release of Stay Close, here are other Harlan Coben books that will appear as Netflix Originals:


Safe is the first Harlan Coben film to arrive on Netflix with its appearance on the platform in May 2018. The film is about widowed surgeon Tom Delaney and the dark secrets he uncovers in search of his 16-year-old daughter who suddenly goes missing.

The Stranger

Secrets- said and unsaid- form one of the foundational blocks of any relationship. The Stranger is about an unknown person who causes mayhem in people’s personal lives by telling them secrets about their loved ones they never would have guessed. What is this person’s motive? Why is she doing this? What does she get out of it?

The Woods

Resurfacing incidents and mysterious entities from the past are nothing new in neo-noir crime thrillers. This Harlan Coben novel is based on the same trope, of which The Woods is a Netflix adaptation. The movie is about 4 people going into the woods and two of them making it out. Flash forward to 25 years later, an incident forces a man to recount what truly happened, and it is not what fans expected.

The Innocent

Caught in a web of lies and hidden stories, 4 completely different people find themselves in positions to affect each other’s lives in ways much different than they thought in The Innocent.

Gone For Good

Playing on the same trope of hidden secrets and people wrongly presumed to be gotten rid of for good, Gone For Good is about Guillaume Lucchesi. The man dealt with the tragedies of having lost his first partner and then his brother. A decade later, when his girlfriend disappears, he must go back to his family’s past and uncover secrets that were hidden from him and others that he hid himself.

Harlan Coben has signed a 14 book deal with Netflix. Six of these have been confirmed by the platform. This means that there are eight more which will appear on the screens later on. It certainly is a good time for fans of his work.

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