After Slaying at BAFTA Awards in a Gown, Kate Middleton Now Stuns in a Camo Kit on Salisbury Plain

After Slaying at BAFTA Awards in a Gown, Kate Middleton Now Stuns in a Camo Kit on Salisbury Plain

The royal family is not credited enough for introducing us to some of the most brilliant females in recent years. The late Queen herself was an inspiration for women all around to persevere, no matter how earth-shattering the tides become, and looks like Kate Middleton is taking her legacy forward. Moreover, the Princess of Wales has been subjected to a lot of unwarranted hate as of late, but she continues to use her influence for good reasons.

Middleton made the headlines recently for her red-carpet look at the Brit awards. The Princess looked stunning, accompanied by her husband. However, the Princess completely switched it up for Women’s day as she ditched the dresses for a camo kit.

Kate Middleton ditches the gown but wins the Crown

The Princess of Wales, despite choosing to stay mum on all the drama that is going around, has not been able to escape it. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have named dropped her quite a few times in their docuseries and memoir. However, Middleton has been applauded for not indulging in any drama and continuing to use her platform for the greater good. After making rounds with her campaign, Middleton won hearts with her reused gown at the Brit awards. However, for International women’s day, the princess seems to have ditched the gown in favor of a camo suit at the Salisbury Plain.

Middleton is learning how to cater to battlefield casualties alongside 1st Battalion British Irish guards. This also marked her first visit to Salisbury Plain as a colonel. With all the drama leading up to the coronation, netizens were amused to see Middleton attentively learning whatever the Irish Guards had to teach her during the training lessons.

Not your ordinary Princess

Kate Middleton has been constantly applauded for not only excelling at her royal duties but also for being the way she is. Although very well-behaved in front of the camera, the Princess of Wales has more to her than just being a pretty princess. And her training lessons in the cold of Salisbury Plain are proof of that.

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When she is not taking live rescuing lessons from experienced soldiers, she still manages to be eccentric by giving Prince William a butt slap as they walked the BAFTA red carpet. Through her actions, Middleton acts as an inspiration for countless other women.

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One thought on “After Slaying at BAFTA Awards in a Gown, Kate Middleton Now Stuns in a Camo Kit on Salisbury Plain

  1. Reply
    Nelda Gilge
    March 12, 2023 at 4:52 am

    Kate is beautiful princess and wonderful person. She is classy she is down to earth and she knows what is expected of her for family monarchy the UK and it’s people. She is great in all she does
    And all she wears
    She will be great queen one day soon
    William is only true royal from charles
    Because harry isn’t royal. If he was royal
    He wouldn’t have done all the things
    He has done all his life and used people
    Lied about them blamed others and keeps lying as he does
    It’s time for dna on harry and kids
    William will be great king
    And Kate great queen as queen
    Elizabeth was
    Kate will fill her shoes as great as she can
    God bless kate

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