After ‘Reality’s’ Resounding Success at Berlinale, Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Americana’ Featuring Halsey and Eric Dane Set to Premiere at SXSW

After ‘Reality’s’ Resounding Success at Berlinale, Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Americana’ Featuring Halsey and Eric Dane Set to Premiere at SXSW

When Sydney Sweeney gained acclaim for her role in Euphoria, fans were worried that the industry would typecast the actress as a dumb blonde. However, Sweeney has proven that she is a beauty with brains with her choice of projects. The actress is turning the tides one after another with each out-of-the-box role that she takes on. One of the most exciting projects that have her name on it alongside that of stars like Halsey, Eric Dane, Paul Walter Hauser, and many more is the wild-esque Americana.

Americana gained a lot of attention soon after its announcement, not only because of the ensemble cast, but because it takes from real artifacts of history. The movie has found the perfect date and place for its world premiere this summer.

Sydney Sweeney along with Americana cast members await premiere at SXSW

Americana, earlier set to release as National Anthem, is directed by Tony Tost. He is predominantly a poet and is marking his first steps into the industry as a director with an innovative project like Americana. The flick in contrast to the glittering stars that it features is actually Tost’s take on modern rural America set in the West. Americana will premiere at the SXSW Film & TV Festival in the Narrative Spotlight section on the 17th of March at Paramount Theatre, as reported by Deadline.

Other movies in the exciting Narrative Spotlight section consist of Appendage, BlackBerry, and Down Low. The announcement comes just in tow with HBO acquiring the rights to Sydney Sweeney’s applauded movie Reality. If Americana is met with the same sentiments at the SXSW film festival, it is likely to find itself a big-name streamer like HBO.

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What is Americana about?

Tony Tost has taken some of the most relevant pop culture celebrities and worked to turn them into misfit rural American heroes and villains. The flick has the Lakota Ghost shirt at the center of affairs. The very shirt that led to the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre. However, Tost does not aim at recounting history and fetching out patriotic sentiments with this movie.

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In fact, he approaches it with dark comedy and a treasure hunt. The characters meeting various hurdles in their tryst to attain the worthy artifact forms the crux of this comedic thriller.

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