After Queen’s Demise, Will Meghan Markle Curtsy to Kate Middleton and Queen Consort Camilla?

After Queen’s Demise, Will Meghan Markle Curtsy to Kate Middleton and Queen Consort Camilla?

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have never been on good terms. They have often had fights and arguments which went viral in the media as rumors and speculations. However, the former American actress now might have to show a lot of respect to her sister-in-law. The Queen’s death and the appointment of King Charles III changed a lot of rules and regulations within the royal family. 

The dynamics have gone for a toss, with the members getting new titles and roles. Camilla went from being just Prince Charles’ wife to Queen Consort, as per the late Queen Elizabeth II’s wishes. Meanwhile, the monarch’s elder son and heir, William, is the Prince of Wales, while his wife Kate is now the Princess of Wales, in addition to their existing titles of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. However, what has not changed in the royal family is the position of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They are still known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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What should Meghan Markle do according to the protocols? 

As per the royal rules, Meghan Markle should now curtsy to Kate Middleton as the latter is no longer just a Duchess but a Princess as well. It is mandatory for the Duchess of Sussex, since she no longer holds the title of Her Royal Highness. Harry and Meghan were stripped from their HRH titles as they decided to step back as working royals. However, Meghan not curtsying to Kate will not be a big deal. As per royal biographer, the late Queen was only concerned about those in the system following the protocols

“Technically, because Meghan Markle is no longer an HRH, she should curtsy to Catherine, but the Queen always made it clear that she did not expect it,” Hugo Vickers said as mentioned by Cheat Sheet. 

Meanwhile, Meghan will need to curtsy and Harry to bow to Camilla as she is the Queen Consort. Harry will also have to bow when meeting King Charles III and should only address him as Your Majesty. Notably, Harry did bow to his stepmother Camilla when the family was together in Balmoral

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Do you think Meghan Markle will follow the royal rules? Discuss in the comments below. 

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