After Portal Reset in Season 6, Which Dimension Did Rick and Morty Go?

After Portal Reset in Season 6, Which Dimension Did Rick and Morty Go?

Rick and Morty season 6 has landed the duo back into their home. The season premiered with the episode ‘Solaricks’ which was picked up as a continuation of the story from season 5. After a lot of inter-dimensional trekking, the new season will begin with having them thrown in separate places. The season links right to the show’s beginning and makes some revelations.

Some fans enjoy the canonical episode while some would like stand-alone episodes. As a solution, makers will be adding standalone episodes in between the season. The first episode of the new season is connected right to the beginning of the series.  But what does it mean? And where do Rick and Morty land? Here is the sauce.

Where does Morty go in season 6 of Rick and Morty?

In the season premiere episode of Solaricks, Rick accidentally hits the reset button and sets amass confusion when everyone is sent back to their original place. The episode then follows the Smith follow in Rick, Morty, and Jerry trying to go back to dimension 131 while Beth, Space Beth, and Summer help along. Morty ends up in 137 the original dimension. (All of this began in Season 1 Episode 6, both Rick and Morty were in Dimension C-137, but they messed up the place as a result of Rick’s potion that he makes up for Morty to impress Jesicca).

The place looks way different than how it looked in the first season. He walks through calling out to his ‘original family”. In a sad moment, he stumbles upon his dusty old family photo. But Cronenburg Monsters have taken over the dimension. Morty somehow manages to go back to dimension C-131.

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Rick faces some revelations and is thrown into his original dimension

Rick always thinks he is also from the same place. However, new secrets are uncovered soon. Since the beginning, Rick has been on a mission to take revenge on Weird Rick for killing his wife and children.

However, certain clues in this episode reveal that the original Rick is not from dimension 137. The twist here is that Weird Rick is actually from C-137, confirming that Rick is from some other dimension. Moreover, Weird Rick is likely to follow both Rick and Morty to kill them, which will form a base for the rest of the season. To keep up, can watch the new season of Rick and Morty on Netflix.

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