After Playing Their Dad in ‘King Richard’, Will Smith Joins Serena and Venus Williams for an Inspiring 1971 Soccer Documentary ‘Copa 71′

After Playing Their Dad in ‘King Richard’, Will Smith Joins Serena and Venus Williams for an Inspiring 1971 Soccer Documentary ‘Copa 71′

Portraying a powerful true story on screen is an arduous task, as the story must be portrayed accurately and effectively. Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, are teaming up with the Williams sisters to portray a powerful and inspiring story of women soccer players. The couple’s company named Westbrook Studios, along with other executive producers, came together to create an inspiring documentary about the 1971 Women’s World Cup.

A 2021 blockbuster film, King Richard, saw the 54-year-old actor portraying the character of Richard Williams. The movie followed the story of two sisters’ rise in the male-dominant world sport of tennis. After being the on-screen father, the Men in Black actor joined hands with the Williams sisters for the documentary. Along with the Williams sisters, Dogwoof, and New Black Films; Westbrook is the executive producer and backer of the documentary titled COPA 71.

COPA 71 follows the story of the Women’s World Cup of 1971. Soccer teams from around the globe came together in Mexico City’s Azteca Stadium and they were to compete with more than 100,000 viewers present. Interestingly, this was the last Women’s World Cup until after 20 years, FIFA officially arranged it again. The documentary follows the story of the most inspirational and remarkable moments in the history of women’s sports. While talking about the film, Serena Williams, as per Variety, expressed her feelings of gratitude toward her fellow storytellers. She mentioned that it is her honor to get together with her sister and Westbrook Studios to tell the magical story.

COPA 71 to empower female athletes 

Meanwhile, Venus Williams expressed her wonder as she couldn’t believe the story of the 1971 Women’s World Cup was erased from the history books until now. She also expressed her excitement at working with her sister and Westbrook Studios. The tennis star said she is excited and thankful to Westbrook Studios for helping them to tell the empowering story. Venus believes that the documentary will inspire and empower fellow female athletes. It would also give them a voice.


After their recent support for the Netflix Original, African Queens: Njinga, the power couple’s company will now give voice to the forgotten female athletes. While everyone awaits more details about the upcoming documentary, did you know the previous film, telling the story of the Williams sisters had won the Oscars?

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King Richard, starring Will Smith, rocked at the Oscars 2022

The Oscars 2022 was not only about the slapping incident. The event celebrated the film starring the Aladdin actor right after he slapped the host, Chris Rock. King Richard, along with several other awards, won the Academy Award in 2022 as well. Will Smith received the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for portraying Richard Williams in the film. Apart from the Academy Award, the actor also received the best actor award at the Golden Globe Awards at 2022 and many other various awards.

The 2021 film received huge recognition and positive responses from viewers and critics as well. Now, the Oscar-winning actor would come back with the sequels of his iconic movies, including the Bad Boys franchise, too.

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While waiting to see Smith on the screen once again, tell us your thoughts about the upcoming soccer documentary. Are you also excited about COPA 71? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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