After North West’s Viral Makeover, Mom Kim Kardashian Took Over as the ‘Queen of TIKTOK’

After North West’s Viral Makeover, Mom Kim Kardashian Took Over as the ‘Queen of TIKTOK’

Reality TV in 2007, Kanye West’s heart in 2011, the fashion industry in 2019, and now TikTok has also been added to the list of things Kim Kardashian rules over. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has a knack for entertaining her fans. The mother of four was usually found sharing fun clips of herself on her Snapchat. However, it is the era of TikTok now and you can count on Kim Kardashian to bring back a forgotten makeup trend.

The Kardashians are widely accepted as the magnum opus of trendy makeup and looks. Kylie Jenner built a billion-dollar empire from her Kylie lip kits and Kim Kardashian is following suit with her skincare line. From contour, lip lining, hung over makeup, to now the ‘chaw’ makeup, the socialite has once again proven that you can’t beat her when it comes to makeup.

Kim Kardashian does the ‘chaw’ makeup on TikTok

The SKIMS owner has a TikTok account that she shares with none other than fellow ‘TikTok Queen’ contestant North West, also her nine-year daughter. And according to People, she posted a video of herself doing the “British Chav” look.

The reality TV star first started with a bare face before tying her hair up in a bun and chewing gum. But that was not it. Kim Kardashian took her ‘chav’ persona very seriously by even belting out the iconic M to the B sung by none other than the ultimate chav girl, Millie B, herself.

As for the makeup, the SKIMS owner really skimmed herself into a chav girl with a foundation at least two shades lighter than her skin.

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Then, she drew the signature British chav girl rectangle dark eyebrows with, of course, concealer and lip gloss on her lips. Unsurprisingly, she used Kylie’s makeup line throughout.

While many hailed her for her extravagant impersonation of a chav girl, others called her out for being insensitive and bringing other women down. An accusation that has stuck with the Kardashians for the majority of their careers.

North West gives her mother competition for ‘Queen of TikTok’

North West’s TikTok usage is a very viral topic of discussion for various reasons. For her father and Yeezy owner Kanye West, it is a threat to his kids and for the world, it’s the next most entertaining thing after Ye’s interview. Before Kim Kardashian took the crown with her viral makeup video, her daughter was making the headlines.

The young West is often found lip-syncing to viral songs and doing dances, but the video that broke the Internet was when she dressed up as Kanye West with Kim Kardashian as Bound 2 played.

Do you think this was a shade at Ye’s attempts to get her off TikTok? Let us know in the comments below.

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