After Money Heist, Squid Game Jumpsuit Is the New Vogue Costume

After Money Heist, Squid Game Jumpsuit Is the New Vogue Costume

Any global phenomenon has multiple spill-over effects on culture and lifestyle. Cinema and TV Shows have impacted fashion and clothing for ages. The frontrunners in this right now are two globally popular Netflix showsSquid Game and Money Heist.

People are looking for the costumes worn by characters in these shows for themselves. Some because they are trendy and will look cool to wear, others just for fun and cosplay. The search for Squid Game Jumpsuit is rising. Moreover, with Halloween just about here in a month, costumes could get a further boost in sales.

Money Heist red jumpsuits with Dali masks have been in the market for quite some time as the show has now existed for a few years. In addition, Squid Game is joining the costume race. Squid Game’s guard costume includes a pink jumpsuit, blackstrap, and fencer-like black masks with a shape in white over it.

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Commonalities between Squid Game and Money Heist

Money Heist is purposed on the grand heist to steal huge loads of money. Similarly, in Squid Game, participants play deadly children’s games only to win 45.6 billion won. In both shows, the incentive is money.

While Money Heist has protagonists covering their faces with Dali Masks, Squid Game has guards who cover their faces with different black masks, marked with different shapes. The shapes show their positions of authority. The order – Square, triangle, and circle is the hierarchy of power of these guards in the Korean show.

And, of course, the iconic hooded jumpsuits. Red jumpsuits in Money Heist and Pink in Squid Game.

Since the hype came and jumpsuits became a trend, their demand has increased. Moreover, there are customized jumpsuits available. A simple google search can lead you to many online stores selling “Money Heist Jumpsuit” and even “Squid Game Jumpsuit” now.

Halloween Costume

The bright red and pink colors of the jumpsuits will be attractive costumes for Halloween. Moreover, as Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 is on its way, a proper getup with the Dali masks will make an exciting outfit.

Squid Game is a horror thriller. With the guards being on the evil side, their pink costume gives a terrifying, sinister vibe. They killed payers as soon as they lost a game. Thus, Halloween in their pink jumpsuits will indeed be chilling and just perfect for your vogue cosplay.

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