After Miss Minutes Rumors, K-Pop Band Stray Kids to Join ‘Deadpool 3’?

After Miss Minutes Rumors, K-Pop Band Stray Kids to Join ‘Deadpool 3’?

If you are a K-Pop fan, there might be some exciting news for you. Do you remember when Ryan Reynolds took part in STAY’s selca day? Well, we all know the king of humor is also a fan of Stray Kids and they have a cute connection. For a long time now, fans have been waiting for a collaboration between The Proposal actor and Stray Kids. Did Ryan Reynolds just confirm it? Is the popular K-Pop band going to appear in Deadpool 3?

Stray Kids’ Kingdom: Legendary War performance impressed Ryan Reynolds. Since then, their relationship began and is still getting stronger. Reynolds’ superhero film, Deadpool, inspired the performance. There were rumors about the universes of Loki and Deadpool might come together. The Red Notice star hinted at the truthfulness of the rumors by reacting to a fan account named Miss Minutes. Now, fans are thinking, since the connection between the actor and Stray Kids is also strong, the band might make their Hollywood debut with Deadpool 3.

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Will Ryan Reynolds provide the platform to Stray Kids in Deadpool 3?

Since the American-Canadian actor started the conversation with Miss Minutes, fans have been speculating the rumors of Stray Kids appearing in the film might be true. They think the K-Pop band might be included in the soundtrack of the upcoming film starring Hugh Jackman as well. After the conversation between the actor and Miss Minutes, the fandom also found a surprising fact.

As Deadpool himself answered Miss Minutes, now this question about Stray Kids’ music might be an indicator of something cooking here. And the account specifically asked for music by Stray Kids and not any other K-Pop bands which seemed mysterious to some people. If this turns out to be true, the whole fandom might go crazy because both Deadpool and Stray Kids have a tremendous fan following.

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While all this is a rumor, there is nothing confirmed or official news about Stray Kids being in Deadpool 3, yet. However, fans are going crazy already about the mere idea of it.

Are you also a fan of this popular K-Pop band? Are you excited to see the band with Deadpool? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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