After Marvel’s ‘Loki’ and ‘Spider-Man’, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Ready to Embrace the Variants, and It’ll Be Hilarious

After Marvel’s ‘Loki’ and ‘Spider-Man’, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Ready to Embrace the Variants, and It’ll Be Hilarious

Well, it looks like the latest thing in fashion are variants and alternate realities. While we read and heard about them a hundred times before, it was not until Marvel’s Loki that we knew how amazing they can be. Thanks to it, our three favorite Spider-Men collaborated. And it is only smart to build on an idea if it is actually that great. That’s exactly what Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is going to do for season 3.

The trailer for the third season of the show probably set up the approach the show might follow when dealing with variants. And given the Hargreeves family jumped from 1963 only to change the reality and have the Sparrows replace them, fans were curious to know what Five and his gang will do to reset everything they did with the timeline.

How will The Umbrella Academy Season 3 go about the variants?

While the MCU has been rather too fun with its variants, things are a little complicated for the Netflix Original show. Marvel explored the concept of variants with an open mind, changing genders, sexuality, faces, and even species (who can ever forget Alligator Loki?). However, the complications are the very reason The Umbrella Academy will try to take a different approach towards this whole variant situation.

Hence, chances are that The Umbrella Academy may not be as experimental as MCU with its variants. Additionally, the show is pretty famous for breaking superhero roles and challenging tropes. We saw Sir Reginald being a little too caring with the Sparrows and more arrogant than his real self. And, of course, who can ever forget the gangster version of Pogo?

However, the most staunch difference between the Netflix show and MCU came when we saw the siblings. When Five suggested they should stay as away as possible from their variants, his siblings had other plans. Diego suggested that will kill his variant, while Klaus thought that sleeping with his variant will be a great idea. However, Five is trying to keep them separated because he wants to avoid any Paradox Psychosis.

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Given that he first-hand knows how severe psychosis can be, he will obviously keep his siblings away from their look-alike. However, it would definitely be great fun to see them interact with variants, as we already know how weird these siblings can be.

Tell us what are you looking forward to in The Umbrella Academy Season 3? And also, who is your favorite Hargreeve sibling?


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