After Kodak Black, Snoop Dogg Gives Ed Sheeran a Death Row Chain, and Twitterati Are Going Gaga Over It

After Kodak Black, Snoop Dogg Gives Ed Sheeran a Death Row Chain, and Twitterati Are Going Gaga Over It

Ed Sheeran is on a roll, hanging out with rappers and getting chains in gifts. The singer who is set to release his coming album -(subtract), is garnering attention from the hip-hop industry as well. In a rather surprising turn of events, the singer showed off the chain received by Snoop Dogg. While this is not the first gift that he has received from a celebrity in recent times, it’s certainly one of the most significant ones.

DailyLoud posted a tweet captioning, “Snoop Dogg gives Ed Sheeran a Death Row chain.” We can see the rapper putting on the gold chain around the ‘Perfect’ singer, as he smiles widely at the camera. The chain is named after the rapper’s production company, Death Row Records. Russell Crowe was also present to witness the legendary event.

As per DailyMail, the chain costs about $6,500 (£5,300). So far, celebrities like Steph Curry, Khaby Lame, Eli Manning, Jamie Foxx, etc. have been recipients of the chain. It is a symbolic gift welcoming them to the rapper’s circle. The event took place in Melbourne after the rapper invited a few A-listers for the backstage party, post his performance.

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Fans in the comments are shocked over the unlikely duo’s meet. While some made fun of it, others welcomed the amazing gesture.

How Twitterati reacted to Snoop Dogg welcoming Ed Sheeran with a Death Row chain

Even being associated with Snoop Dogg is considered a “cool quest” for anyone, including celebrities. So when Ed Sheeran got the Death Row chain, fans pointed out how he has become “the one white guy” adopted and adored by the rap community.

One fan commented on how the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ singer has become a certified hood member after this chain. But what may come as a surprise for many is that the pop artist took inspiration from rappers like Eminem and also shared a close connection with the hip-hop industry.

But this chain just adds to his list of gifts. Back in 2022, he collaborated with Kodak Black for the song ‘Back for Everything.’ The rapper also gifted him the  1800 Block, Golden Acres chain. A couple of weeks before, Chris Hemsworth gifted his Thor hammer Mjölnir to the singer in return for one of his favorite guitars.

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What do you make of Snoop Dogg giving the Death Row chain to Ed Sheeran? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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