After ‘Jeen-Yuhs’, BBC to Make Kanye West Documentary and a Podcast by BAFTA-Winning Journalist

After ‘Jeen-Yuhs’, BBC to Make Kanye West Documentary and a Podcast by BAFTA-Winning Journalist

Kanye West has trended throughout 2022, and he is set to do it again. The famous star’s ups and downs have been witnessed by the world. Whether through the news, the documentaries, or his own songs. His musical genius, as well as unpredictable outbursts, has always led to different speculations. But an upcoming project about him may bring in some answers.

The documentary will try to unravel the questions about Ye that everyone wonders about. While still in progress, here is what we know so far about the project brought by a Bafta Award-winning journalist.

A look into the upcoming documentary on Kanye West

Even fans are left in question sometimes when Kanye West does something unpredictable. As per Deadline, the upcoming documentary by Mobeen Azhar will attempt to unravel and perhaps find some answers. Azhar is an investigative journalist who will attempt to follow in the footsteps of Ye to understand the complexities that shaped Ye into what he is today.

Ye has been caught in a lot of controversies in recent times, including his antisemitism and praise of Hitler. The documentary will throw light on these topics and the influence he holds on society now. An eight-episode podcast launched by BBC will accompany the documentary which is currently named We Need to Talk About Kanye. 

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British company Forest will produce the show that will air on BBC. While it is quickly becoming a topic of discussion, this is not the first time a documentary is being made on the ‘Donda’ singer.

Ye has been the subject of documentaries before

While this project is in development, one of his famous documentaries is jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy. The 2022 documentary follows Ye to work, be it his music or fashion. The documentary was reportedly purchased by Netflix for $30 million and won nominations as well.

There are several other documentaries on YouTube channels, such as Dropout and The Rise of Kanye West. With or without music and public support, the singer has remained a trending topic and will probably continue to be so. While Ye is not in favor of being used as a topic without benefit to him, it will be seen how We Need to Talk About Kanye pans out.

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Until the documentary is done, you can catch his jeen-yuhs documentary on Netflix.

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