After Her Kids’ HRH Title, Meghan Markle is Very Keen to Keeping Her Royal Title

After Her Kids’ HRH Title, Meghan Markle is Very Keen to Keeping Her Royal Title

There have recently been some shocking gospels around Meghan Markle and her engagements with Royal titles. The fiercely independent and self-reliant woman who had always disregarded things such as titles has now a surprising change of heart. Trusted sources recently revealed how, after consulting with the Palace’s Princesses, the Duchess is now pressing on titles for Archie and Lilibet. However, there is much more to it.

This came to our notice when an eminent Royal Commentator on The Daily Express said how badly they need to cling to the titles for their kids. Neil Sean in the course of his interview also revealed some facts that came as a striking contrast to what we had known about Markle. 

Why does Meghan Markle want her Princess title back from the royal family?

According to Sean, Markle has recently become close to her cousin-in-law in the Royal Family. Looking at how they have benefited from the titles, Markle feels the Duke should not let go of them. Earlier in her Oprah Winfrey bombshell interview, the Duchess expressed her indifference to titles. She was of the belief that no matter if she was a waitress, an actress, a Princess, or even a Duchess, she has always been Meghan Markle. 

Royal experts had also weighed on the same, stating no one really was concerned about her titles because they will still be Harry and Meghan, after all. Nevertheless, Markle has now changed her mind about the matter. Concerned about getting the correct circle, she is reportedly very keen to get her position in the Palace’s administration back. 

Meanwhile, there has been a thundering row over King Charles stripping them of their remnant of The Duke and The Duchess’ titles. Royal biographers like Tom Bower on GMB have aggressively expressed their support for the same. According to them, the couple has been abusing their titles ever since they gave up on the Royal Family and shifted to the US in 2020.

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Looking at the current dynamics of the Royal Family and the Sussexes, it feels like Markle has entered perilous waters in demanding her titles back. The anticipated events such as them turning down King Charles’s Christmas invitation and the launch of Prince Harry’s Spare might not let it happen in any way. 

What are your opinions about the matter? Do you think the Duke and his Duchess will succeed in getting their family entitled?

One thought on “After Her Kids’ HRH Title, Meghan Markle is Very Keen to Keeping Her Royal Title

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    Patricia Spade
    November 11, 2022 at 6:18 am

    NO, they need their titles for themselves. No way will Megan be able to live it down, as she has flaunted herself all over our country demanding everything as She is Megan Duchess of whatever. She gets in the front door with that title.

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