‘After Ever Happy’ Finally Has a Release Date on Netflix to Heat Up the Holidays

‘After Ever Happy’ Finally Has a Release Date on Netflix to Heat Up the Holidays

After fans are already gushing over the fifth surprise of the franchise, but if you are from the USA, we understand your pain. Viewers awaiting the thrilling life story of Hardin and Tessa in the States still do not have the fourth installment on their screens. Nevertheless, the wait is about to end as Netflix is about to drop the spicy and sensual tropic zone of the movie, After Ever Happy.

The movie first reached the world theaters, earlier in the year, on the 7th of September. The Hessa fandom could not stop going all mushy over the heartwarming moments of Hardin and Tessa’s rollercoaster ride. Needless to say, it also got in some heart-wrenching tragic instances which got us whining nonstop. 

Release date for After Ever Happy on Netflix USA

Sadly, although the entire world has been through the treacherous journey of Hardin and Tessa in the fourth movie, fans in the USA have been waiting for ages. But worry you not, since the good news is here. The official Twitter account of Netflix uploaded recently the screen release date of After Ever Happy. The heads-up that managed to get thousands of likes in just a few minutes of uploading said the movie will reach US Netflix on the 25th of December. And what could be a better way to enjoy the frost with a steaming movie like After Ever Happy

The prequel, After We Fell, had left the fans devastated with a cliffhanger that they expect to make sense in this installment. This one, however, would shed light on the striking, unprecedented revelations of some deep-seated family mysteries. This time, not only Hardin but our beloved Tessa would also go through a heartbreaking tragedy that would just bring both of them closer than ever. The movie also contains a five-month time lapse. 

But is the fandom prepared for this hell of a ride with Hardin and Tessa? Will their story end on a positive note as it always has? Or do we have to stack up tissue papers while it is on? Hold your breaths as we bring to you some of the most expected theories of the movie. We hope the brief synopsis of After Ever Happy has made things easier for you. 

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