After ‘Deadpool 3’, Ryan Reynolds to Bring Back Another Action Film and It’s Not ‘Red Notice’

After ‘Deadpool 3’, Ryan Reynolds to Bring Back Another Action Film and It’s Not ‘Red Notice’

Ryan Reynolds is on a roll, making sequels to his already successful movies. The actor has given us some outstanding performances this past few years, rising the ranks in the industry to become an A-list actor. And he knows what the masses like, as evident from the fan following for his Deadpool franchise.

After the success of its first two parts, the third one is set to hit the big screen in 2024, with a heads-up from Marvel for the 4th part. The star has transitioned his image over the years from playing light roles to becoming a serious action contender. And looking at his current streaks, we are set to see him bring back a classic spy thriller with a sequel, co-starring another legendary actor.

The sequel to this action-filled Ryan Reynolds movie will be out soon

Ryan Reynolds has proved that you can use constructive criticism to improve on previous movies. His 2012 action thriller Safe House was not the biggest hit. But fans of the star can have high expectations from its sequel that has been made a decade after the original. The movie was made up of a powerful duo, including him, and The Equalizer actor Denzel Washington, although the latter’s involvement in the sequel is yet to be confirmed.

Ryan was cast as an inexperienced but passionate CIA Agent, Matt Weston in the spy film, where the spy-gone-rogue character Tobin Frost is played by Denzel. The movie revolves around the dynamic between the two as they fight unknown enemies to survive. The movie had an average rating at the box office, but the actors were appreciated for their roles.

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Whether Denzel or someone else joins for the movie is yet to be seen. Regardless, Ryan does well with an on-screen partner. Likely why he also had Hugh Jackman onboard as Wolverine for Deadpool 3. He sure has his hands full with Safe House, Deadpool as well as his movie Spirited alongside Will Ferrell, all while handling his Wrexham football team.

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