After Daemon Targaryen & Warhammer 40,000 Henry Cavill Now Becomes Omni Man Post DCEU Exit

After Daemon Targaryen & Warhammer 40,000 Henry Cavill Now Becomes Omni Man Post DCEU Exit

British A-lister Henry Cavill has forever been a sought-after star among Hollywood producers owing to his perfect combination of looks, physique, and combat skills. Not to mention, the Superhero maestro is frequently the first choice of fans to inherit the seat of the James Bond franchise. Now, there is a possibility that he might also become the face of the highly acclaimed animated show Invincible.

The Amazon series depicts Steven Yuen as Mark Greyson who is a second-generation superhero, got his powers from his father, Omni Man. Although this superhero might not be equivalent to the legendary character Superman, fans think Cavill will make the most fantastic incarnation. Also, the Man of Steel star is permanently out of DCU and Netflix so the fandom has started running their minds over what new should pick next.

Fan art depicts Henry Cavill in the Omni Man avatar

A new post shared by Pete Jordan on Twitter showed Henry Cavill in the role of ultra-powerful Omni-Man. The 39-year-old star has long been envisioned as a homicidal character who wants to conquer Earth. This concept artwork has been circulating on the internet since a senior Character Artist of Bitfry Games, Joel Torres created it in 2021. The portrayal of the former Superman by the digital designer is quite intriguing since Henry has played the idealistic version on the silver screen.

Surprisingly, Omni-Man of Invincible shares more parallel characteristics with the Man of Steel protagonist. For instance, both characters are aliens who were sent to Earth from their respective home planets. Both of them have super-strength, invincible speed, extreme durability, and don bright capes. However, as for now, Henry Cavill’s future as a superhero seems quite bleak after he is benched from DCU.

Written by Robert Kirkman, the Invincible comic book series follows a coming-of-age superhero story. It depicts the son of Viltrumite Omni-Man as the most powerful entity on Earth.

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