After Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, Brie Larson Could Follow the Footsteps to Join A Netflix Project

After Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, Brie Larson Could Follow the Footsteps to Join A Netflix Project

Although it has not made it to the books, a widely accepted rule after becoming a Marvel superstar is to find an equally exciting Netflix project to work on. And if that is not the case, then Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Reynolds signing up for Netflix projects after their successful Marvel ventures can only be described as a work of God. Following their footsteps, Academy Award-winning actress Brie Larson is in talks to star in a hopefully stellar adaptation of the Gears of War.

Off lately, there has been a high rate of compelling and commercially successful video game adaptations. And if you are strong enough to brush off the criticism by the incredibly passionate fanbase, or even better, take notes of it as a certain Henry Cavill did, you will emerge a messiah. Fans are very excited with the news of Brie Larson being attached to the project.

Is Brie Larson starring in Gears of War?

Gears of War, much like the material it presents, has a vast fanbase spanning over five games, numerous novels, and comic books. Given its popularity, it comes as no surprise that Netflix wants to make a live-action adaptation of it. While many streamers are coming up with their live-action productions of video games, the OTT Mughal was among the first to try it out with The Witcher.

Gears of War has no confirmed names as of now, but Dave Bautista, being the gamer that he is, has been hinting at starring in a video game adaptation as reported by Giant Freakin Robot. Brie Larson is yet to greenlight the project, but she would be the perfect casting for Reyna Diaz or any of the other powerful female characters in the franchise.

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The actress has tried her shot at action movies with Captain Marvel. And while there are no shortcomings in the way Larson kicks, punches, or smashes, the movie did not rack in big numbers nor does it have a passionate fanbase.

A Netflix-produced Gears of War adaptation can provide her with the right ground to shine as an action star again. Larson is all set to star in Fast and Furious and Marvel for the next year. If she chooses to do the Netflix Gears of War project, it will complete the holy trinity.

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