After Bloodcurdling Chills in ‘Windfall’ on Netflix, Lily Collins Shares a Video of Herself Doing Chores Around the House

After Bloodcurdling Chills in ‘Windfall’ on Netflix, Lily Collins Shares a Video of Herself Doing Chores Around the House

Many actors like to keep their lives as private as they can, especially after getting married or getting into a relationship. They feel that their spouses should remain private too. So whenever we get a peek into their life we really get excited. Recently, after working on Windfall by Netflix together, Husband and Wife, Lily, and Charlie McDowell shared a video of their life.

“Cleaning” after the murder

Netflix’s newest noir thriller Windfall has a three-man cast but is an extremely talented one. In the film, Jason Segel plays an anonymous individual (credited as “Nobody”) who comes into a tech billionaire’s holiday house with the intention of lounging in luxury for a time, stealing a Rolex watch and some cash. And then fleeing before anybody notices. When the affluent homeowners, played by Jesse Plemons (“CEO”) and Lily Collins (“Wife”) come suddenly for an unplanned trip, the scheme is thwarted.

The film is receiving praises for its visual brilliance and Hitchcockian setting. And to commemorate this achievement, Lily Collins posted a video on her Twitter account.

In the video, we see Lily doing some spring cleaning. And her husband and the director of the film Charlie McDowell is recording her silently. It is only at the end that when Charlie asks Lily what she is doing, does she get to know that Charlie was recording her.

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Movies to if you liked Windfall Netflix

Windfall on Netflix is a great watch for the whole family. The movie keeps you guessing till the end, and the ending is completely unpredictable. So if you are a fan of thrillers, mysteries just like us, we have more recommendations for you. You can watch these and enjoy not knowing what will happen next.

Some of the greatest thrillers for you to watch are ROPE (1948), THE REF (1994), THE RENTAL (2020), PARASITE (2019), and VILLAINS (2019).

Well, these are our recommendations do let us know If you have some for us.

Meanwhile, if you still want to watch Windfall it is streaming exclusively on Netflix. Stream the movie and do let us know your opinion on the film and Collins’ performance in it.

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